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1 year ago
Ooh Yeah! Ooh Yeah! Ooh YEAAAAAAAAH!
1 year ago
Have I mentioned I rarely like Stern machines? I rarely like Stern machines.
1 year ago
I have only played this on location, and never in tournament, but I love how challenging it is and how often I end up swearing and berating the machine with insults. ( I would never hit a pinball table...) But I keep coming back for more abuse from this difficult machine.
1 year ago
I will admit that I like this machine because I seem to be quite good at it. It is one of a small numbers of machines that I have not been defeated on in tournament play.
1 year ago
Unique, but I get bored pretty fast.
1 year ago
Classic. Just classic.
1 year ago
My vote for worst Stern machine in recent memory.
1 year ago
One of the better Stern machines in my humble opinion.
1 year ago
This seems to be a love it or hate it pin. I kinda hate it....
1 year ago
This goes in the category of fun because of difficulty. It keeps me coming back, and keeps me frustrated with its strange shots. I always look forward to this one in tournament play.
1 year ago
I know it was a different time, but the objectification bothers me. Too bad, because I love the difficulty of this game. I must say, I find myself preferring 2.0
1 year ago
I would like to see this higher up on the list. It takes some practice, but it is rewarding and I know I like a machine when I miss it after it leaves a location. I will miss this one.
1 year ago
I thought I would like the mini pinball table. I didn't.
1 year ago
Just like Road Show, this game is problematic in its depictions of people of color. It is a really fun game, however, and could benefit from a little 2.0 adjustment...
1 year ago
I really do not know why, but I have never found this game fun. I actively avoid it in fact. I roll my eyes if I have to play it in tournament. It deserves credit.... just not from me.
1 year ago
Although some of the voices and images are a bit racist, it is very fun game. I cringe every time I hear the cab driver though.
1 year ago
1 year ago
This is one of the first games I played casually back in the day. Little did I know how it stacked up to other games. Now I know.... but it still holds a place in my heart, along with Star Wars Trilogy. Man did I have bad luck in getting introduced to pinball!
1 year ago
These Rock and Roll themed Sterns just do nothing for me. This one is better than Metallica and Kiss, but not up to AC/DC level. Plus it feels just like every other Stern. Light the arrow, shoot the arrow.
1 year ago
When I think of what it means to be challenging, I think of this game. I love this one in tournament play, because it can be a great equalizer against one of the better players.
1 year ago
I only had the chance to play this one night, but I fell in love with it! I know it is a very rare machine, and that the code is broken, which would affect replay value, but I would like to see this pop up in Seattle sometime soon!
1 year ago
Same old Stern! I put this in the forgettable Stern movie tie in camp, along with Transformers, Tron, Avatar, and Avengers.
2 years ago
Really disappointed with this game