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19:26:59 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Birthday (Be active on Pinside for 1 year)


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21:41:04 Unlocked Pinside achievement Thumbed! (Get a thumbs up)

06:19:24 Unlocked Pinside achievement Aspirant Poster (Make 10 forum posts)

06:19:22 Made post #20718 in topic BOU John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..


05:46:45 Added a high score of 73,993,840 for The Sopranos

05:06:20 Unlocked Pinside achievement Seek and Find ( Successfully find an item using a wanted ad in the Marketplace)



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19:48:03 Unlocked Pinside achievement Good Pinsider 1 (Don't get moderated for 1 month while being active)


12:39:27 Unlocked Pinside achievement Poll Participant (Participate in a poll)


05:43:57 Thumbed up post #25 by PopBumperPete in topic ALL Stern announces another price increase- TELL THEM NO!


22:05:03 Made post #17 in topic RSQ Backglass paint peeling, LOCA glue/Edge gluing

21:57:49 Unlocked Pinside achievement Missing out (Having multiple breaks from Pinside)



04:45:20 Unlocked Pinside achievement Verified (Become a verified user)

04:40:49 Made post #11 in topic RSQ Backglass paint peeling, LOCA glue/Edge gluing


Made 2 forum posts in topic RSQ “Backglass paint peeling, LOCA glue/Edge gluing”

20:57:24 Post #9

05:27:37 Post #7

05:56:19 Unlocked Pinside achievement Proof is Everything (Add a high score with photo evidence)

05:56:19 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Leaderboard (Add a high score)


09:36:51 Unlocked Pinside achievement Favorited! (Get a topic favorited by another Pinsider)


22:34:14 Unlocked Pinside achievement First Topic (Create your first forum topic)

22:34:14 Started a forum topic RSQ Backglass paint peeling, LOCA glue/Edge gluing


19:31:35 Unlocked Pinside achievement On a break (Don't visit Pinside for at least a day)


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04:14:52 Made post #25 in topic ALL My arcade got featured in a magazine!


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05:33:02 Unlocked Pinside achievement Gameroom Displayed (Publish at least 3 photos of your gameroom)

02:43:01 Edited a collection item Harlem Globetrotters On Tour


07:05:17 Unlocked Pinside achievement Introduced (Write a profile story)

07:05:17 Published a story A basic intro


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04:08:41 Commented on a story West County Lanes

04:08:14 Edited map location West County Lanes (Ellisville, MO)


04:34:27 Made post #339 in topic RSD DONE DONE AND DONE ***first attempt at cabinet restoration(pinbot).

02:35:15 Unlocked Pinside achievement First Post (Create your first forum post)

02:35:15 Made post #22 in topic RSD First resto - getting a globetrotter top back to life


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05:21:54 Unlocked Pinside achievement Initials set (Set your high score initials)

05:14:56 Commented on a story West County Lanes

05:12:45 Added a location to the pinball map West County Lanes (Ellisville, MO)

05:07:44 Edited map location Cave Springs Lanes (st peters, MO)

04:56:16 Commented on a story St. Charles Lanes

04:53:06 Added a location to the pinball map Ameristar Casino - St Charles, MO (St Charles, MO)

04:48:51 Edited map location St Charles Lanes (St Charles, MO)

04:47:26 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Map (Add a location)

04:47:26 Added a location to the pinball map St Charles Lanes (St Charles, MO)

04:41:01 Commented on a story PADAVAN'S NY Pizza & Pinball



04:39:22 Added a game to the wishlist Gorgar

04:25:04 Added a game to the wishlist The Big Lebowski

04:02:39 Commented on a story CP Pinball

04:00:28 Added a game to the wishlist The Sopranos

04:00:02 Unlocked Pinside achievement Starting a Collection (Own a pinball machine)

04:00:02 Added a game to the collection Harlem Globetrotters On Tour

03:57:37 Unlocked Pinside achievement Located on Map (Set your home location)

03:57:07 Unlocked Pinside achievement Avatar uploaded (Uploaded a user avatar image)

03:55:17 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Member (Sign up for a Pinside account)

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