Tired of fighting bikers

By Hyperion

July 26, 2011

9 years ago

I worked two jobs for the last 7.5 years, #1 Retail Recieving Mngr #2 Head of Security for a bar. Well I got tired of fighting bikers and wana b ganstas, so I left my bar job. After working every weekend except one in 7.5 years I found my weekends wide open, so I decided to take up a new hobby. I've been playing pins at the bar for years and kinda missed it = my new hobby. It sure beats getting your ear bitten off in a fight! YES SOMEONE MIKE TYSONED ME!

I'm ex-military disabled vet

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9 years ago

Wow thats a tough way to make ends meat - yeah think I'd rather hunt/play the silver ball then getting stitched up. welcome to the pinside Hyperion

9 years ago

Can't believe you got Mike Tysoned Hyperion! Sure glad to see another pinhead in my area join Pinside!!

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