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From Pinbot to Cyclone - Retro Geek

By Houkaka

February 12, 2013

7 years ago

I'm the kind of person who loves and is nostalgic about retro stuff that wasn't part of his generation and pinball is part of that. This year (2012-2013), I've decided to retore a lonely non-booting Cyclone that was rotting in a corner of the basement for a yearlong project at shcool. As it was my dad's machine, I had to get his permission. His response was "eh, why the heck not, still better than leaving it like that!". I'm almost done and from now it did take more than 70 hours of my time! (By the end of the year, I busted the 120h mark for my project which include the 2h per week at school dedicated to it in the personnal project class.)
By the time that Chrismas came, my father saw that it was more than just a project to me. So in the 25th morning of December, only two gift were sitting under ther tree, the first one was for my sister and the second one was for my brother.
When each of them finished unwraping their gift, my father said to me: "Your mother and I would have loved to have your gift wrapped and under the tree, but there were two issues... First, it would have never fit under the tree and secondly I think you were still working on it late in the night yesterday."
So that morning, my dad gave me his Cyclone which he owned since 2005. Pinbot was the first pin I've played and it was at family friend house, one day I'll get one. But before that, I think I should finish rebuilding my Cyclone for the 3rd (and hopefully last) time.

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