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1 year ago
As a very long time pinball player, it really takes a great machine to just say "this is the one". "This is the one"! Everything about this machine is top notch.

I love the artwork and the cabinet is amazing. Everything feels so solid. The castle is so cool looking, and not just a toy for the sake of having toys. Heck, it is the set from Alice Cooper's tour of the same name as the pin.

Game play is super fun with battling the different monsters using various shots really engaging. The upper playfield is not just a toy, but a true part of the game. Some monsters are activated up there and others are battled up there. Hurry up shots are engaging with the sights and sounds getting you all amped up to make the shot.

The multiballs step away from the trend of dropping so many balls that you just want some of the balls to drain so that you can go back to playing pinball.

This game got me hooked on Spooky games and I now look forward to everything coming from those guys!