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6 years ago
Right off the bat, I have to say this theme was executed very well. The art is exactly how it would appear if the original EC Comic's artist would have drawn it themselves. So, if you don't like the art, then you really don't like TFTC, because it's spot on (IMHO). BTW, The cabinet is the best part of the art and one of my favorites in all of pinball. I think the gameplay is quite similar to TAF, in that you have to light all the Creature Features, which is like lighting all the rooms of the mansion in TAF. Playfield is layed out fairly well with an inverted ramp which is great when you hit it just right. Three spinners and drop targets, this game pretty much has everything in it. On the downside, this is my first DE pin, (I'm a B/W guy) and you can tell the pin isn't quite up to those standards. It does feel a little clunky and the audio is garbled. The nice thing about this pin is you can seemingly keep a lot of balls in play during multiball. I'm keeping this pin for sure, and hopefully a speaker upgrade and a tune up will resolve the few small gripes I have about this game. I almost forgot to mention, the DMD graphics are some of the sickest in all of pinball and I mean that in a good way.
7 years ago
Perfect example of how well a non-licensed theme can be a real good game. I don't even particularly like the theme, but the art and gameplay is so good I don't mind. I love the flow of the ramps and I think the audio is pretty good as well. I use to play one all the time on location and think it would be a nice pin for any collection.
7 years ago
This is the pin that changed my mind about Stern. I liked it instantly, which rarely happens for me with any pin. Good flow, great humor and for a change, as far as Stern goes, nice artwork. This might be the first Stern I buy. Check it out and try to tell me you don't like the little, Stewie playfield. It can't be done. It's definitely on my wishlist.
7 years ago
Played this one at the PHOF in Vegas and liked it instantly. I only played about 8 games on it, but I thought it was a blast. The price tag is the only thing that would prevent me from adding one to my collection and seeing how good it really is.
7 years ago
This game is a great example of a NON DMD pin that's a keeper. I'm a sucker for anything Elvira and this is no exception. I think the backglass and playfield art is the finest in pinball. I think this is a perfect example of how games don't have to be deep to be good. This pin is an 80's classic that can be picked up at a nice price. If youre going to knock anything about this pin, it's the unbalanced scoring system. Considering when this pin was made, it holds up pretty well. Great pin to start a collection.
7 years ago
The only real downside to this game is the lackluster artwork. I think it's a well balanced game that's a blast to play. The only thing that could have made this better is some drop targets a spinner and theme it after the show and not those lame movies. I will note that I think Raul Julia's work on (the movies) and voice overs for this game are fantastic. This pin is a keeper for me.
7 years ago
The artwork on this pin is excellent. It also has a very cool video mode I enjoy. The problem is gameplay is somewhat ruined by an obstructed view because of the ramp. Speaking of ramps there is a cool looking whirlpool ramp that rarely gets used, which is a shame. I ended up selling this game after a year and a half, which is unusual because it has the kind of theme I like. Strangely I do miss that pin from time to time and even though I don't rate it real high, I may purchase again someday. It's really not a great choice for small collections.
7 years ago
I currently own this pin, but I think it is a bit over-hyped. The home ROM helps a lot for this game, but I don't know if it's enough to make it a keeper. It may be a pin that ends up on the rotation list sooner than later.
7 years ago
This one gets almost perfect scores from me. I love the theme, the art is second to none and the game is a blast to play. It isn't deep, but it is still highly entertaining and a permanent fixture in my lineup.
7 years ago
I rate this one almost perfect. It is one of the greatest themes of all time, second only to Scared Stiff IMO. To me these pins aren't just games, they are works of art and that adds a lot to the appeal for me. That being said I really enjoy the gameplay on this one, hitting the loop just right and then perfectly hitting the ramps is a satisfying shot. This game has the best start to a multiball (Frankenstein) in all of pinball. Great pin for beginners too, since it doesn't take long to understand what you need to do. I own this pin and it will never leave my collection.
7 years ago
I owned this pin for 3 months and all though it is beautiful and themed very well, the audio worked on my nerves. The trolls (audio aspect) were annoying and the sounds of Sir Psycho and the Damsels were grating as well. I did think the gameplay was pretty good, it just relied on you hitting the castle to often for more liking. I will admit the castle is one of the best toys of all time. I would have kept this title if not for the high price tag. If you have some deep pockets get one and give it a try, it's not hard to get your money right back out of it if needed. Ultimately, I didn't feel the game quite matched the hype, but I could see why people love it.