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My story...

By homegameroom

November 09, 2018

1 year ago

I had a great game room when I was in Ohio, but I was getting older and knew I did not want to stay up north, so I sold my house in 2014 and pretty much everything in it rather than put it in storage for an indeterminate time period (since I was not sure where i would end up) except my Chicago Coin Duchess Bowling machine which is "on loan" to a trusted friend until I get the space to put it in and my Pac-Man cocktail table with the Super ABC chipset in it (it plays many versions of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man).  Hey, it can double as a dining table!  

After debating where to go, I found a job in south Florida in 2015 and moved.  The homes here are pretty small, so I'm using the dining room as my game room, which suits me just fine.   A front bedroom has my Pachinko machines on the wall (Popeye and Star Wars).  I'm not that into Pachinko, but I love Popeye and the Star Wars pachinko has great movie clips on it and the toy R2D2 moves around on it!  I don't know that I'll ever have room for my old bowler though....  I also used to have a bunch of neon signs and clocks.  I keep looking for fun stuff to buy, but haven't gotten anything yet.  I've had the "Walk/Don't Walk" sign for years - that's the only neon I kept, since I didn't worry about it breaking (it's secured nicely in it's original box).

I was happy to see Chicago Gaming remake some of my favorite old machines, so I bought an AFMr and a MBr.  I've always loved Jersey Jack's WOZ, so I found one in Atlanta and made a road trip to pick it up.  I was also lucky to find a 1958 Bally Super Bowler that was not working, so it was my summer project to get it working again.  It is now mechanically restored and works perfectly.  The backglass was restored by BGResto and looks great.  This satisfies my itch for an arcade bowler.  

I've had many great pins over the years - MB, MM, TZ, TAF, CV, TOTAN, TOM and a couple others that I've probably forgotten about.  I really enjoy the ones I currently have, and I like having people over to enjoy them.  Who doesn't get a "kick" out of the pinball player whose feet kick backwards with every press of the flipper buttons?  Lol!!

My next purchase might be an old EM like a Gottlieb Bowling Queen.  It would help to tell the history of pinball and I like the old EMs with animated backglasses.  I think I have space for 1 more machine (says every pinball machine collector)........

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1 year ago

Nice story, you had many classics before, but honestly I ADMIRE a lot the way that you started over your collection Homegameroom... that Attack From Mars Remake in black, the WOZ in RR and the Monster Bash in that electric blue.... simply amazing!


1 year ago

Thank you for the kind words! Like most people, life has thrown me a few curve balls. I keep on swinging at them! I'm happy to be in the place I am at - and am also happy to be able to reinvent my game room.

PS. Your collection is pretty sweet and your game room looks amazing!!!!!!

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