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By homegameroom

November 09, 2018

6 months ago

I had a great game room when I was in Ohio.  I moved to Florida a few years ago and sold everything (rather than put it in storage for an indeterminate time period).  I've had many great pins over the years - MB, MM, TZ, TAF, CV, TOTAN, TOM to name a few.  I've got an old Chicago Coin Duchess bowling machine - that is "on loan" to a trusted friend until I get the space to put it in.  

I just put a deposit on a Monster Bash Remake.  I had an "original" one and I miss it!  I'm looking forward to getting it (of course).

The only game I kept was my Pac-Man cocktail table with the Super ABC chipset in it (it plays many versions of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man).  I like that as well!  

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