I'm back...back in the saddle again...

By Homebru

August 25, 2019

58 days ago

Just a quick (re)introduction: I have been into pinball all my life, but really got the bug when I bought my first machine in 1992...a Williams High Speed: something I dumped a ton of quarters in while in HS. I've had over 100 over the years - I've never met a pinball machine I didn't like...except Bingo machines. For me the favorite was a Twilight Zone that I had for a solid 10 years. But I sold it to surprise my wife with a brand new Odyssey for her 40th birthday in 2007. Yes, I know...I had to add cash to buy the Honda :<). I was active in the early years of rec.games.pinball, and it is great to see some old super helpful faces like LTG are still around. If there is a lifetime achievement award in pinball, he deserves it. Anyway, I moved to France for a few years, and the whole pinball community has really blown up (as well as values). Pinside seems much busier and more interactive than r.g.p. So i was all set to replace my TZ and a semi-local sale didn't work out, so I caught wind of the Wizard of Oz. What follows are my thoughts and opinions. First, as a baseline, TAF and TZ and CFTBL are the most modern pins I have owned, so I'm a bit skewed admittedly. Also, my family has always been WOZ obsessed. My girls have sung and given quotes, impersonations all their life. So I am definitely biased. I bought a relatively stock WOZECLE .  Now on to the Twilight Zone!

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