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8 months ago
I played on location and it was very fun...I wish I would have had more time. I would own one. Funny, I shouldn't like it that much as the theme is not high on my list. To me that says it punches above its weight class. Well executed. Easy to understand strategy. Excellent artwork. Just enough humor to be true to the films.
8 months ago
I played one on location in Charleston, SC (The Alley). It seemed easy to me. I left 3 free games on it after playing for about an hour on $2. The ball capture was pretty cool. One of the ramp shots with a bypass was for no good reason. The artwork was just OK...especially the playfield. The animations, music and callouts were great. Not a theme that does anything for me. I don't think it would hold up long term for me. I understand most people think it is killer. This is why it is important to try before you buy! Different strokes.
9 months ago
A lot of clunk for sure. Many shots that bounce off nothing. That's the worst I can say.

The callouts and animations and video are the best I have seen so far.

The Artwork is beautiful. As campy as the original show.

The rules are good and deep, and there are more High Score modes to try and get than any machine I have played.

I'm guessing this will last a while. A good mate to my Munsters. I love 60s TV!
1 year ago
I love this game. This is a dream theme for me, and I think Franchi KILLED IT on the artwork. The b/w theme is waaay more beautiful in person than pictures. I know others are pretty hard on the rules, and sure, I'm hoping they add more in that dept., but as-is I think it is a great game. To seems like the modes are not all that different than Monster Bash in both style and ease of achievement. I can get Monsters of Rock/Munster Madness an equal percentage of games (~25%). For me, the gameplay is addictive. I do own some deep rules games (TZ, WOZ), and I like The Munsters in my lineup.
1 year ago
Very fun. I never owned it, so unsure of lastability. Well executed...probably exceeded the theme if you ask me. Long shots are great
1 year ago
I don't get why this one is so wildly popular. Maybe I didn't spend enough time with it. It seemed frustrating, and the theme/art doesn't do a lot for me.
1 year ago
Fun game and probably the most user friendly to non-pinheads. Great theme, great execution.
1 year ago
For my money, this game is consistently overrated. It's cool and all, just not top 5 all time cool.
1 year ago
I had one for awhile. Pretty game with the blues and greens. For me the play was so-so, and I quickly tired of it. IMO it is overrated. Again, beautiful, but far from a total package.
1 year ago
Stunning game. As rich as anything I have ever seen. Hard to believe it was a start up's first game. A playable piece of art. Easily the most beautiful cabinet I have seen. Fantastic technology.

First, as a baseline, TAF and TZ and CFTBL are the most modern pins I have owned, so I'm a bit skewed admittedly. Also, my family has always been WOZ obsessed. My girls have sung and given quotes, impersonations all their life. So I am definitely biased. I realize it is not a macho theme, and may not be for everyone.

I bought a relatively stock WOZECLE. On to the micro review:

I rated the WoZ a 9.480...slightly ahead of TZ, so I think it is at the pinnacle of pinball design. I am truly amazed that JJP was able to launch such a fantastic product out of the gate. They all should be proud.

I think the artwork is just that, artwork. Absolutely the most beautiful cabinet I have ever seen/had. The direct print method + clearcoat is stunning. Maybe the backglass is lacking, but the LCD animation really makes up for it. Speaking of which, the integration of original movie clips tweaked for pinball rules is truly amazing. As I said, my reference for tech is WPC, so it is just incredible to me what is possible. The sparkle green armor, wood apron and lit header really round it out as premium.

The playfield has a lot going on. The 'toys' are pretty neat. I will say the crystal ball video is the weakest. It is very difficult for me to catch the image. You have to be at the perfect angle. It is also a dark playfield. My basement is also dark, so I will be installing some overhead LED lighting. The playfield lights however are incredible. The way they change with what is going on in the game is really cool. (Remember, I took a whole decade off!). I

As far as pinball playability, I see a lot of similarities to my old TZ. It is challenging enough, (sometimes frustrating) and the rules and objectives seem pretty deep. I'm only 50 games in, but I'm going to bet it will be fun long term. I know the outlanes can be frustration personified, but I like the minigame save feature!

Finally, the menu system is very intuitive and well thought out. I have already upgraded to the latest code.

All in all, I think it is a really fun game with one of the best theme integrations I have seen in pinball. Personally, I think it is ranked low at 21.
1 year ago
Great game. Pretty underrated in my eyes. At least at the time of manufacturing. Artwork takes a while to soak up all the little things.
1 year ago
This one ate a ton of my quarters in HS!
1 year ago
Several original concepts. Played above its weight class. Looks great fully shopped and working, but it had many engineering bugs.
1 year ago
Beautiful to behold. It will take a while to discover everything. Shame about the probs with the hologram.
1 year ago
One of the best all time. Great long term. Lots to do. Lots of toys. A bit of a maintenance pain, but a fantastic, playable piece of art that was the pinnacle of design for many years.