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6 days ago
Great game with a lot of great energy. I’ve only played it probably 20 times and it seems conceptually very simple in terms of hitting each shot multiple times. If I had this in the home I could see this being a mega hit among casual players. I could also see myself getting really good at and seeing all it has to offer on a frequent basis. Which isn’t a bad thing cause it’s a great experience.
29 days ago
This game took me a bit by surprise. Wide body, lots of interesting and challenging shots. Classic sort of feel, reminded me of Space shuttle initially. Sound makes for a super somber creepy feel like the movie. The homage to first gen pinball on the left ball save was a really nice touch. Looking forward to putting more time on this to see what is in it.
5 months ago
Incredible game. Amazing rules and so much to do. Fast, flowy, challenging shots and excellent adrenaline inducing action.

So much great code keeps this game from ever getting repetitive or boring. The shots are tight but satisfying when hit. The DNA combos are so great.

The original music and theme in this is fabulous. Have the alt code and while The john Williams score and Dino sounds are nice, on the whole the alt code is a hot mess.
5 months ago
I'm not going to get bullied by flaggers. Changing back to all 10's, but with additional explanation. Note, I've made two key modifications- PinMonk's Tibetan breeze and an external subwoofer. Both are critical because they add to the intensity and feel of the game.

For me, this is number 1 GOAT. It's a players player pinball machine. And I’ve played em all. The first two games I played on GNR out of the box brought sobbing level tears from my eyes. An overwhelming experience starting sweet child of mine and paradise city…. (They were random… but being out of the box… I suspect the first two selections are by design….!)

A gorgeous game with the greatest most diverse light show and experience in all of pinball that strikes right to the emotional center of my brain. The shots are great. Outer loop is flowy and can be repeated like getaway (super satisfying) and an orbit starting to the left has an inner loop similar to getaway. A pure fast strike through the middle spinner pick that quickly zig zags to the top beyond the pop bumpers is highly satusfying- made better by the random musical progrssions from the spinning pick… wow. Managing upper playfield shots through intense multiballs will challenge and reward the best multi taskers among us….

The entire package soup to nuts is so well thought out and so well integrated. Between the spinning record and corresponding light show, to the casual slash call outs like "Nice effing awesome" (or similar) when you do something cool- the timing of his comment and overall effect is like he's standing there commenting on your play.... another buddy at the side of the machine adding to the dialogue and experience. But at the end of the day, its the FEEL of the game that makes this so endearing as a long time pinball player. The way the legs give a little to create a great feel in nudge play. The feel of the flippers is butter sublime (Tibetan Breeze fans are a must) and remains sharp with perfect feel DEEP into a game... The default play field angle and how it jives with the vibe of the machine no matter what song you are playing. The right amount of float and groove with high speeds to boot. The multi-ball stay alive relief by clearing balls through the pick to the bumpers or above in the upper play field. The upper play field small flipper is like you are playing baseball left handed against a right handed pitcher. It's just shocking how well done this entire package is... Pure pinball joy. There is nothing like it in terms of feel and satisfaction and emotional response for me anyway.

And the songs… I was not a huge GNR fan prior but certainly not a hater. If you are on the fence but a pinball fan no worries. You will LOVE this game and band. So much to learn, so much to do, but most importantly so much to EXPERIENCE. It effing rocks. And the sound quality despite what some say is great- the tone from the speakers (and my external sub) is similar to the tonal experience of an actual live concert (you have to experience it to understand it). I know this because I did an extensive A/B compare between the default audio and an external Nakamichi amplifier and sonus faber toy tower speaker setup. I prefer the factory setup with sub by a mile.

And the final reason for all tens, the X factor of how this game connects you to PEOPLE. It's a game that is as fun to watch and share together. It's just incredible how it creates "holy S*iT moments" for all in proximity. Entertainment at its best.

Super happy with my purchase and JJP and slash and the others should be commended. I’m giving all tens because honestly It’s just so well done and so over the top.
2 years ago
Wow. Played this game for the first time and what a fun game. I love the flow, shots, and sounds. The throwback 80s video game visuals and sounds make this a piece of modern art! I may have to get one.
2 years ago
Oh my. My first impression was this is a real snooze fest. Slow floaty play with lots of repetitive stand ups made me feel like I was playing a boring 70s EM but with modern computing bells and whistles. I was ready to walk away after ball 2. Sounds like from others you need a lot of time on a properly setup machine to feel the adventures that await.
2 years ago
Under rated all time classic. Classic Pat Lawlor parfait of disaster theme pinball with great flow, FUN and a seemingly infinitely variable light and sound package that can get the heart pumping (those singing 3 or more stacked modes are perfectly infrequent).

The pinside echo chamber of cell phone hate and SIM card difficulty (to me, even this is a nod by Pat to the history of pinball by incorporating a bit of luck into the game) has put this down on the list but don’t kid yourself. Dialed In is the real deal. A gift to Pinball and those in the know.
2 years ago
I’m a big fan of monster bash, especially on location where you haven’t fully realized the rinse repeat nature of the game. It’s a fun and fast game and the music and the characters blend super well together. Also, the game is beautiful. The multi balls mix things up enough and the energy of the pin ball is top notch. I’m not sure it’s deserving of a number three ranking though.
3 years ago
Of the three super pins, it’s my least favorite. I’m confident though if I owned one I would become a full blooded fanboy and it might become my kids favorite as well.

The fanboys of this pin seem to go the extra mile flagging questionable reviews. Not sure if this is to boost and sustain the market value or what.
3 years ago
Great experience. Great pinball energy and probably the game that started it all for me. Its not deep by today's standards, but I think this is one of the greatest, most relevant pinball games ever made.
3 years ago
Oh man... what this game could have been... The code is buggy and incomplete, but man, this machine had the bones to be spectacular IMO. The down ramp to hole in one for super jackpot, with that rock star music if you accomplish it is so very satisfying... Love it.

Needed a bit more time and love in the code department So between the software bugs and bud and buzz getting a little bit annoying, I downgrade the ranking.
3 years ago
I really like this game a lot. Its the one game my daughter wish I didn't sell. And I kind of regret selling it as I resurrected it from a local children's arcade/pizza place and the play field was literally black. After shopping, it looked about brand new...

A great, fun game, not super deep but definitely satisfying. Great add to any collection and recommend playing a bunch when you see it on location. The magnetic loop supercharger is cool initially, but kind of annoying IMO. Lots of noise and eye candy, limited satisfaction.
3 years ago
I've owned my STTNG for I think just over 10 years now, and honestly, it remains a marvel in my eyes. Granted, I am a super fan of the show. Mine is functionally perfect and I have only two modifications, both of which I think are critical. First is the Borg ship has blue LEDs, including the blue flashers. The second is I have Pinball Pro backbox speakers and an externally powered sub with volume and crossover controls. I've done other little things, like rebuilt the power output connectors for the GI, replaced caps and rectifiers, and replaced the trough boards.

Everything else is clean and lit with incandescents and its aging like a retro piece of art in my office. I've debated converting to Herg controlled LEDs but every STTNG I've played on location is LED'd out and ends up being a disappointment.

As far as the gameplay goes, a well tuned STTNG is an immersive adventure. There are two modes in particular that never fail to get my heart pumping or place me inside the drama. First is Borg Multiball. The powered subwoofer coupled with the amazing simulated power/electrical damage during that light show creates, IMO, and unparalleled level of immersion as you inflict damage to the Borg, and as they inflict damage on you. The callouts are perfect as well. Incredible and always satisfying. Warp Factor 9 mode is another. The rumble of the engines and the time down as you attempt to hit what is arguably the most satisfying combinations in all of pinball en route to Warp Factor 9.9 is tremendous. The other thing I find is the machine rewards aggression and ball movement. Way more times than not, when you try to get cute (save a ball catch), or fail to take a quality well timed crack at the ball, you pay a huge price.

About the only thing I would change rule wise or code wise is to potentially add additional artifacts and higher point acceleration the deeper you get into a mode. Too much motivation to sit on a ball once you've accumulated an artifact.