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1 year ago
First remake I purchased and what a great job they did with this machine. There isn't much to say as everyone know about this machine and how the game plays.
My only complaint is how dark the game is (true to form of the original though - so I cannot really complain). I have just been recently spoiled with other newer remakes and games that are much better lit.
Also, even though I got the LE....feels like the whole MMLE was a rip-off lol. Besides the numbered plate and the choice of trim, this LE really had no noticeable features (see AFM and MB toppers).
Regardless, there is a reason that this machine is ranked in the top three. Definitely a keeper as it appeals to all calibers of players.
1 year ago
Whoa. That's all I can say right now...whoa.
I always thought that this pin was a one-trick pony and really didn't have any desire to play it let alone buy it. I was "encouraged" to purchase the CGC AFMLE and it actually blows me away. I picked it up just after Christmas and I could not be happier. What an awesome pin. Super fun to play and deceptively hard (I may take criticism on this), but I find it much more difficult than I though I would. These early 90's games may be my niche as these are what I seem to enjoy the most. Fun for my entire family (kids are 10 and 9); they cannot get enough! We are just trying to come up with a name for our Alien Guy topper! lol
The sound is fantastic and the light show is Phenomenal! Great job on this remake guys!
1 year ago
Ok. Yes I own this machine - this is NOT why I give it such a high rating however.

I am an amateur pinball player at best. There are few games that I dislike, but there are even fewer games that take my breath away artistically and playability. Games I want to play over and over. This one satisfies both.

No Other game I have owned have I spent the time researching like this game. I watched every youtube video (some terrible - Buffalo Pinball, and some great - STDM). I wanted Objective videos that illustrated gameplay and went over the rules in depth. The interviews with JB and Rosh were amazing. I was on the fence....so I came to where else? Pinside - and read the reviews...BIG MISTAKE (though I am now writing one myself - ironic?). I consistently read that this game was "too tough", "shots were bricked", "animations were not on par with its competition", "art was too photoshopped", "too many talking instructions" " etc..... I had never played one so I was really leaning on the "pinside experts" opinions (lol). I then went back to watching reviews, studying pictures, reading about AP....I decided not to buy, I thought this game wasn't for me. I decided that this game was going to be too hard and that no way should I put my trust and money into a game developed by a new company (JPOP - yikes). Weeks went by and Houdini seemed to keep calling me - creepy eh?! I couldn't get it out of my head so I decided to take the plunge and buy one NIB from a distributer here in Canada.

First impressions:
WOW. I have been in awe of some other games I have owned but cosmetically this has to be my personal favourite game to simply look at. The cabinet art is incredible. The back glass is out of this world. That funky head grew on me immediately. That powder coating blows the completion out of the water. Easily this machine is in my top three best looking games I have ever seen. I absolutely love the look of the Playfield - the steampunk theme, the colours, the art, the Easter eggs - a lot of thought is evidently put into the artistic layout of this game. My guests love how even his eyes light up(now I know art is subjective, so we can move on).

Yup, shots are tight. No arguing that. But not so tight where the game is too difficult or enjoyable. The ball is easily controlled so there is no cheap drains to be had. Like I said, I am an amateur pinball player and I found the shots very smooth and enjoyable - satisfying actually. I also appreciated the outlined/detailed rules that told me what to do. I find that when new people play my machines, they like to know exactly what story they are trying to play. Very well thought out and very easily understandable. My guests actually play this more than any of my other games - it seems to have some mystical draw to it!! lol. I know that the code is still being worked on so I can only imagine where it will go from here.

These took a beating on Pinside. Maybe my code is updated, but I think they are 100% perfect for what the game is trying to achieve. Some animations are campy, some are purposely childish, but for the theme, time and era they work incredibly well. The call outs are hilarious, the humour in the animations (especially the hat) is on point - it makes me enjoy myself when I play it which is the whole point of these games right? (I also like the Houdini history lessons that it gives at the same time regarding his movies - I didn't even know he acted)!
I really like the music that accompanies this game. That - punk/synth/industrial backing track is stellar! I love it. I do hope that more music can be implemented in future code updates; but what they have so far is great. It would seem to contrast that early circusy music but it transitions flawlessly.

Very cool. A catapult that launches 22inches - sign me up! My only suggestion would be to make that "shot" more of a production. I know that the trunk has the bright white LED focused on it, but perhaps a game with so much description could have voice telling the player to watch out for the milk can because it happens so fast that if you are not expecting it....poof, you miss it.
The stage is super cool. My first game with a mini screen on the Playfield. I love how it opens and makes your ball disappear. Again, my only suggestion would be to have spots on the stage when the curtain closes so that you do not miss the magic trick of your ball disappearing. As for the molded toys, Matt from BAC did an incredible job with the locks and the studio lights. Props to you brother, amazing work.

It is staying (famous last words I know). Contrary to popular reviews, this game DOES have that one more game feel. If I miss some shots because they are "too tight", this game makes me want to come back until I make that tight shot! lol. I can understand how this game may get frustrating on location - but in a home environment, I firmly believe that this game is a winner and a keeper. I would not hesitate to recommend this game to anyone.

Support alone has been amazing. Just read how often the coder posts in the thread and the accessibility he exudes. Class all of the way. Great pinball from what I hope to be an incredible company.

My ONLY criticisms of this machine is that I usually like games with two ramps - love that flow shooting back and forth - BUT....if all of my other games have two ramps, maybe this gives me variety!

Solid top 10 pin for me - creeping to my top 5
6 years ago
Recently sold my ACDC Prem....it was tough to let go but I had other games on my radar. (regular ACDC Prem)

I found ACDC to be by far the best music themed pin I have played; but even that couldn't keep it in my collection. I found the game play fast and brutal - tough for the amateurs like myself. Way to many SDTM. I thought that the light show was incredible but it lit up one of the ugliest games I have seen (sorry guys). I am not a fan of the PhotoShopped art. Stern got it right with Metallica; Luci art was great, why not incorporate that all over ACDC? The cabinet and backglass is FUGLY! I may be old school, but I like to see art on my machines - ok, I am just old. lol.
The miniplayfield though am upgrade on big Angus, doesn't really serve a purpose in my eyes. The canon, though cool, really slows the game down when that ball crosses the Playfield to load the cannon. The bell is super cool, especially the sound it makes. The dancing band is...um....
Sounds are great. Shots are smooth. Art is terrible and I still don't understand the rules! lol.
6 years ago
This was my first NIB game....played it, liked it, just couldn't keep it.

I know that this will not sit well with some, but I found the game to get boring fast. I am not trying to knock the game my LE was beautiful, just for me, something didn't make it a keeper in my collection.

You can't go wrong picking one of these up, they are a fun, just in my smaller collection, I needed something more. The hammer ball lock is awesome! The in-line cross drops are perfect with the rising cross but Sparky is merely ok, the snake is finicky to say the least.
The metal "M" ramps are awesome as are the wireforms (no plastic). Shots are smooth but feel (IMHO) super repetitive.
I have missed games I have sold before, but have yet to miss my METLE.
7 years ago
Couldn't wait to get this machine...searched for one...finally got to play it...was super disappointed.
The theme, the toys were awesome, yet gameplay and artwork were terrible.
The playfield colouring was not what I was expecting. VERY Primary in the red/blue/yellow's. I pictured the 7 seas to be not such a bright blue...the scroll could have been much more parchment like and the phopo shopped images were hideous. Having voice actors rather than the actual stars, really didn't sit to well - how can they use their images yet bail on the voices???
I love pirates and backalley has some great mods for this game that can really dress it up but.....
I think Stern was "close" with this title, but just missed the "boat" :)
I wouldn't mind adding this title one day to play it for longer and hopefully change my mind (I want to like it sooo bad), but not at the price it currently commands.
7 years ago
Theme is Great....I mean Star Wars! The game play is fun but would not want to be the only pin I own. I bought it simply because I am a big SW fan. It gets repetitive at times, but with the new code recently released....it plays a little better.
GREAT pin for the SW fan....better pins out there for the serious PLAYER....
If you are looking for a simple button mashing game...this may be it!
7 years ago
This game is simply a masterpiece. The ONLY complaint I have is the length of ball times....don't get me wrong, I love having a long game (I feel like a wizard), I just don't always have the time for that.
The sound will blow you away - especially through a powered sub. I love the actual actor voice and movie call-outs...SHIRE...BAGGINS....that one scared the Sh*t out of my son! LOL!

One complaint I have is the Photoshopped images on the playfield and back glass....I am a sucker for hand drawn art (more nostalgic) - HOWEVER, the art on LOTR passes as even though it is photoshopped, there is an aura (?) surrounding it that makes it less "computery" than other new machines.
I also could do without the "path of the dead"....seems to really be a waste. Maybe a Vault edition will have a moving POTD?? Please!!!

***I sold my LOTR and miss this more than any other game I have sold. Please let me get my precious back!
7 years ago
Love it or hate it. I happen to love it and would love to find another one day (with the original green hologram).
7 years ago
I recently picked up my first POTO. It wasn't in the greatest shape so I was a little leery about what it would come out to play like. After replacing all bulbs, rubbers, some decals, plastics, new flipper bats etc...I was VERY impressed with every aspect of this game. I was lucky that my backglass (maybe one of the coolest ever), was in mint condition - no mask peeling!
From the Artwork (one of pinball's best IMHO), to the sound of the organ (I can't believe all POTO's were not given a better speaker system in factory), to the light show....I think this machine is a winner.
As others have stated, the organ shot IS was too easy, but the deep, rich, familiar sound of the organ opening never gets tiring! The magic mirror is pretty cool as well. I purchased a Phantom (Lon Chaney) figure on eBay and installed it by the staircase and it really fits with the flow of the game.
I debated adding LED's but stuck with regular bulbs and am very impressed with the light show...the deep reds are absolutely haunting and beautiful in a darkened room!
Also, the rules are DEFINITELY not deep, but I like that so that my two children and guests can play and have good time doing so.
I have never seen POTO, but I am definitely a "themed" pin fan....
To each their own I suppose, but I don't see this one leaving my collection soon; even if I get tired of the play, it is beautiful to look at!

****it left.....If I can find another one, I may pick it up.
8 years ago
Probably the best game I have played. It is the game that really got me into pinball. Fast, Fun, lots of modes, animations, things to do/shoot for. TONS of mods available if you're into that kind of thing... The music is Iconic and sounds great. Voice call-outs are well integrated. I have "fun" playing this pinball every time....
Definitely the Holy Grail of Pinballs!

****or so I thought!
Still miss my IJ....I will find another one one day (come on CGC)!
9 years ago
Love me some JP! Easily DE best pin.....needs more Love!