Unknown talent...

Unknown talent...

By Hobbystocker3

August 27, 2017

1 year ago

I grew up in arcades in the 80s. Spending countless hours and countless quarters (thnx Mom n Pops) on video games. Never really played pinball until much later in life. When the video games started becoming more technical and required coin after coin to keep playing I found the "dark corner"  where pinball was kept. The more I played the more I enjoyed the process of learning what to hit and when to hit it. At around age 30 I suddenly realized one afternoon that I seemed to be the "creepy old guy" in the corner in a room full of kids. Not a good thing to be. So I went for several years of just playing occasionally if I seen a machine somewhere. I just turned 50 and with the opening of an arcade in my little town that's where I can be found several nights a week. It has progressed into attending conventions with the arcade owner and I'm looking forward to testing my skill against players in tournaments. One of the best things is sharing the experience with my 19yr old son...he has a way to go to catch his Dad but he's getting there. 

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