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Aladdin's Castle

Bally, 1976

“At ball drain bonus would count down, then game would freeze. Adjusted zero position switch closer and cleaned. Aladdin's Alley would register scores properly including free ball, but none of the lights functioned. Tested with hot wire, bulbs and sockets were good. Power does arrive at right side of Alley stepper unit by a white wire. But one hub wiper contact was bent up and not touching pads on circuit board. Adjusted, cleaned and superlubed pads. 6/30/23 Took parts (long bolt, hollow stand off post) from used 00-90 stepper (match) unit and rebuilt mine. Now have match lights and free ball at match. 7/01/23 Fails to sound buzzer at 100,000 points. Cleaned and gapped 9th position switch on 10,000 score reel. Nope. Changed burned out 455 blinker bulb on delay relay. Soldered twisted together wires to buzzer.”


Bally, 1989

“Figured out how to reset all-time high score value for three free games. Game often started with beeps and 'spinner' highlighted. Connector arm was on upsidedown with square end on top loose by bushing and round end underneath on switch. Took apart and reversed. Game reverted to factory settings. Put in new battery and reprogrammed. Put new flash lamps in side domes and fixed where diode came loose. ”

Baffle Ball

Gottlieb, 1931

“Baffle Ball Senior Home Game Cleaned surface. Spot painted black and green, waxed. All pins and balls present. Oops, missing one pin.”

Purchased November 2022

Big Star

Williams, 1972

“Non working: score motor runs. Was score reel zero switch not opening at 0. Pop bumpers sluggish or dead, not scoring; gapped and cleaned. Eject hole didn't eject and drop-target did not pop back up; hole was intentionally blocked by added post and rubber ring. Was bonus unit make break zero switch not making at end of bonus count down. Adjusted so at end of bonus ball kicked out and drop target reset. Bonus unit only gave 10-20-30K for 40K score, etc for 30 and 20 scores. Was misplaced spring on bonus unit. Bottom center ball saver post in pieces in cabinet floor. Reassembled with added small solenoid screw. Then worked but post would not retract at ball drain or game end - was end of stroke switch misgapped. Cleaned all relay switches. Had schematic and owner's manual. ”


Williams, 1980


Williams, 1968

“Scores repeated unearned extra 2,000 points when pop bumpers are active. Score runs up to high score add-a-ball very quickly. Was switch on A relay (situated under the playfield near bumpers) that had a relay switch so tight it made contact from bumper vibrations. All backbox PLUS playfield lights went out suddenly. Was the 6V transformer wire connections wrapped around the lug instead of soldered. High tapped. Tuned up bumpers. ”


Williams, 1968

“Game came with upper ball gate switch disabled since once activated it endlessly added free add-a-balls and 1,000s of points. Trough relay locks on and will not release unless done manually. Tried blocking Score Motor 3 switches and stopped add-a-balls but not points adding. Tried adjusting upper left gate switch but was working fine, no make-make type of problems. Finally blocked the hold switch on the 3000 point relay. Going through open gate now properly score 3,000 points and resets drop target. Going through open gate with special light lit properly scores 3,000 points, resets drop target, and adds an add-a-ball. Now going through the open gate and hitting the upper trough switch does all of that AND also increases the X's by one spot, not sure if that is correct. Gate did not stay open. Cleaned and gapped lower trough switch. Tuned up pop bumpers, adjusted switch gap and bent trigger switches. High tapped. Painted salmon, blue, and white on cabinet. Added some jumpers on the three backbox settings to set up more add-a-balls. Plastics and playfield in very good shape. Cabinet OK, cleaned. Modified: Game was programed to add "X's" up to 8X, then there were no more chances to add add-a-balls through 'next X adds ball when lit,' lit outlane rollovers, or "special when lit" at top gate. The only thing to shoot for was 3,000 points through the open gate or 5,000 point drop target. Connected # 8 X advance unit light lug (BLU-BR wire) to advance unit reset solenoid. Now when 7X goes to advance to 8X the unit resets to zero, all pop bumpers light up as at the start of a game, and the "X" cycle starts again. Found two dimes in it! Had schematics and I printed manual from on-line.”

Purchased June 2022

Free Fall

Gottlieb, 1974

“On start-up runs up to 5 balls, then 4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1-2 etc (Reset Complete Interlock Relay sticking, cleaned, filed smooth.) Ball doesn't subtract at drain. Drop targets don't try to reset. (All complete switch not making.) Drop targets reset if only 1-5 are down. Not strong enough for 6 or all 7. Fuse for one of the two reset coils was blown. Kicks out ball to shooter lane after last ball. No game over light. 10 point slings and upper left stand-up don't score. (Small Jones plug offset one step.) Pops don't score. Left flipper doesn't return at end of stroke. 100,000 light doesn't come on. Adjusted J relay. One spring missing on drop targets. (Replaced.) Took off between flippers cheater post.”

Friendship "7"

Williams, 1962

“Hooked up loose wires on coin door and fuse panel, now starts with dime. (But not every time) Cabinet is stripped to bare wood, old contact paper, and duct tape gunk. Backglass is excellent. 100 reel nonfunctioning, gapped switch on 100 point relay. Ball count unit subtracted all remaining balls at first ball drain. One spring in wrong place and two gummed up shafts oiled. Escapement now rocks back and forth as it should. Only adds 3 or 4 balls at start up. Now does 5 every time. Flippers very weak. Filed all contacts, relays, and gapped EOS. Flippers now reach game top. No lights in backbox. Cleaned Jones plugs. Ball in play lights not working. Cleaned BCU rivets. Replaced backbox lights and flashers. Chime coil burned and stuck plunger. Bell coil plunger clogged. Knocker plunger sticks. Cleaned bell and knocker, all good; chime coil burned and melted with plunger frozen inside. Installed new chime coil. Ball release did not always work. Cleaned right-most trough switch. Roll under switch not working. Changed trigger gap. BCU running on and on at start up. Cleaned and gapped zero position switch. Worked on 1, 2, 3, 4 lanes not always tripping relays. Reset bar was not retracting, blocking relays from tripping. Put on stronger spring and adjusted individual switches. But still did not give free ball until score motor ran by being triggered by scoring 30 points, etc. Found switch on # 2 relay not quite making and regapped to immediately run score motor and score free ball. Right slingshot did not score. Adjusted switch. Shortened return spring on 100 point reel, was returning very slowly or not quite making it, hanging up halfway. Top bumper lights and roll under switch lights did not rotate. Cleaned and gapped make-break switch on Change Relay. High tapped, labeled all relays. Inked blue on pop bumper caps incised lettering. Yellow bumper lights very dim. Adjusted "on" yellow relay make-break switch. Made pinwheel patterns, mixed paint, and painted backbox, cabinet. Replaced tilt light socket, fooled with wires and Jones plugs until it worked. Cleaned inserts from underneath. New front and back locks. Wired in and installed door 'start' button. 1000 reel sluggish. Was rubbing on backglass because hairpin was in crooked. Game wouldn't start or would quit mid game. Lock relay was releasing. Cleaned kick-off switch. Game started normally and added 5 balls. But would add to ten if hit start button again instead of counting back to zero and up again. Game relay was not tripping (releasing). Cleaned switch on game relay that activated game relay trip coil. Top right roll through did not score. Every other single point score any where would lock on 10's score reel. Was misadjusted switch at roll over. Tilt light won't come on. Adjusted switches. ”

Purchased November 2022

Grand Prix

Williams, 1976

Hang Glider

Bally, 1976

“Back glass severe flaking. Ordered new glass from BGRESTO in late March 2023 Starts on Ball 1 Player 1, goes to B2P2, B3P3, B4P4, B5P4, Game over. Player Up Step Up solenoid works but Player up Reset does not. Tried cleaning/gapping Player Reset Relay MB, 1C SCM, Player Reset Relay hold switch. Will work correctly as one player game with switch in Player Reset Relay blocked. Extra Ball When Lit light does not come on when 5 drop targets are complete. Cleaned/gapped make-break switch on sequence relay and cleaned bulb socket. ”

Purchased September 2022

Hearts and Spades

Gottlieb, 1969

“Game had intermittent severely reduced power to slings, bumpers, flippers, and spin cycle of eject holes. Red wire between backbox Jones plugs and stepper had been cut and twisted together, was loose and oxidized. Stripped back to fresh wire and soldered. Right eject hole functioned with a nudge. Adjusted switch under playfield. Left sling did not score. Adjusted switch. High Tapped transformer. Modified high score bonus unit with extra wiring to give ball at every 10,000 points.”

Home Run

Gottlieb, 1971

Jungle King

Gottlieb, 1973

“Working when bought, minor fixes only Tweaked all star roll over switches to register better. 100,000 light not working, cleaned J relay and new bulb. Printed schematic from online source.”

Lucky Hand

Gottlieb, 1977

Monte Carlo

Bally, 1973

“Loaded multiple player games as soon as credits were added. Start button was jammed closed. Mini buttons stuck down. Cleaned from underneath. Ball count bad; skipped balls, gave extra plays after game should be over. Cleaned rivets. GI lights only flashed on when bumpers popped. Left slingshot bracket and linkage broken. Bought new bracket. Rubbers falling apart. No keys. Loose wire so game would not start.”

Purchased January 2021


Gottlieb, 1972

“Making the 2-5 bank activated the right hand bullseye target for a free ball as it should. But it also activated the top 1,000 lane, the out lanes, and the top side (5,000) lanes for free balls, which it shouldn't. The make-break at the B relay made contact with both blades when the relay activated (by making drops 2,3,4,5). Adjusted switch and now gives extra ball at right bullseye target only.”

Royal Flush

Gottlieb, 1976

“No start. Score motor just spins. Adjusted AX relay. BX trashed, switches in wrong slots and jammed unmoving. Z1 (player 1 & 2 score reel reset relay) the same. Took off actuator plates and repositioned switches. Game starts, score reels reset, coin unit resets. Player unit resets. Balls subtract at drain, bonus counts down. Ball does not kick out to shooter lane. Left flipper sticks in up position. Took apart flippers and degreased oiled plungers, put in new coil sleeves. Ball kicks out when 'O' relay manually held in. 'O' relay does not fire during start sequence or after ball drain. Found switch not making on AX, adjusted so 'O' relay fires and ball kicks out to shooter lane. Drop targets dropped part way and continuously scored. Reset bar did not retract enough stopping targets part way through drop. Both retract torsion springs missing. Formed a substitute spring from my spring kit. Q relay buzzes loudly. Coil not screwed into the relay clip. Clip cotter-pinned to bracket but coil and relay loose from bracket. Found spare screw and assembled. Cleaned F relay AS units and eased tension on spinner holding plates (wiper retainers B-11788). Put on Super Lube. Now rotate. Soldered on AS unit cut common wires and got back match-light function. Extra ball hole bonus award now alternates with 10 point scoring. Hole light was not working reliably, was a switch on playfield completion relay bank (relay 2B-joker relay switch.) Player # 4 score lights did not come on at game over. Found switch on Q relay and gapped. Bonus kick out hole stopped ejecting, adjusted switch on X relay. Shooter rod tip rubber tip missing and rod severely mushroomed. Broke off pieces with pliers and filed rest smooth, put on new rubber tip. Game has been modified to add-a-ball function. Credit unit wheel advances with free balls at set high scores, lit kick out hole, and end of game match instead of adding replay credits. Cabinets, playfield, backglass very good condition.”

Purchased May 2022


Williams, 1985

Spanish Eyes

Williams, 1972

“Score reel doesn't reset. Missing screw that held reel mech steady.”

Square Head

Gottlieb, 1963

Star Trek

Bally, 1979


Williams, 1974

“Game stuck on player 3, ball 1, game starts on and stays at player 3 ball 1. Ball Count unit was gummed up, worked it until freed, ball now advances from 1-5. Coin unit would not reset when reset coil fired, stuck on 3 can play. Coin limit switch was blocking backward reset rotation. Repositioned switch. Game does not start by pushing replay button. Was out of credits, put it on free play. Middle "A" target would not score unless top "A" target had been hit. Found switch on A2 relay and gapped it closer. Middle "A" light was unreliable, replaced bulb. Game would only do a partial score reel reset (5 steps only, 12311 would go to 67866) for all reels all players. Adjusted hold switch on reset relay and did not fix. Found broken BLU-BR wire on score reel, soldered, did not fix. Was a poor contact BLU-BR wire splice where the harness had been cut near the Jones plug. For players 1,3,4 game gives replay at every turn of 1000 reel while in the 40K range, even with plugs unplugged. Also at 65K and 97K, as it should. On player two gives free ball at 50K only. Solution: Unsoldered green (40K) wire at Player 1 10,000 unit board, since it was chained to other players that deactivated all 40K free balls. Plugged in yellow wire to spot 9, so free balls at 39,000, 65,000, and 97,000. None for player two. Later...found green 40,000 wire was shorted where it crimped around player 1 10,000 score reel frame. Tape off short and set to free ball at 41, 65, 97K; no extra balls in 40K range now but still no free ball player 2. Game stopped giving bonus at ball drain. Cleaned and gapped closer Double Bonus Relay switch to fix it. Identified and put labels on all stepper units Found four spots for blinking bulbs in backglass star clusters and put in. Printed new Instruction Cards. Randomly counts down endless bonus at ball drain. Cleaned and lubed bonus stepper. Cleaned and gapped switches on bonus relay, SCM 4D, Double Bonus relay. No go. Added two winds to bonus unit stepper clockspring. Good. Maybe not. Gapped double bonus switch closer 3/28/23. Player two did not give high score extra balls. File cleaned 1,000 and 10,000 score reels finger contacts by reaching file through side of reel. Now get extra ball at 41,000 65,000 and 97,000 player two. 7/11/23 Wired Red-Yellow lug of knocker direct to yellow power line at a relay so it knocks at coin drop, high score thresh hold, and match. ”

Purchased September 2022

Top Score

Gottlieb, 1975

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