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Machine - For Sale
As new - New out of box (first owner) “This is NIB. Will also consider trade (plus cash) for AIQ LE or GNR LE. Will ship at owners expense.”
Emerald Hills, CA
7,700 (Firm)
Archived after: 5 days
Viewed: 277 times
Status: Sold (amount undisclosed)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
As new - New out of box (first owner) “This is an late run, low play, original issue AC/DC Premium with the HD cabinet - It is not a Vault edition! You are very unlikely to find a nicer example and that is no exaggerat...”
Emerald Hills, CA
Archived after: 51 days
Viewed: 761 times
Status: Sold (amount unknown)
Contributed to Pinside
Mod - For Sale
New “I bought this in anticipation of getting a game as I didn't want to miss out on this added run. And then, when it did, it already had them installed. Free Shipping. Thanks for l...”
Emerald Hills, CA
Archived after: 1 day
Viewed: 189 times
Status: Sold (amount undisclosed)
Parts - For Sale
New “This is a DP issue translite, ready for an appreciative and loving home. I have no way of valuing this item although I doubt there are too many of them floating around. I would al...”
Emerald Hills, CA
200 (Firm)
Archived after: 0 days
Viewed: 491 times
Status: Sold (amount undisclosed)
Machine - For Sale
OIB - Old in box (older than 3 years, never unboxed) “This is a Hobbit Smaug Edition untouched and in its original packing and on its original shipping pallet. Even the shipping straps are uncut. This is a later model production wi...”
Emerald Hills, CA
Archived after: 23 days
Viewed: 337 times
Status: Sold for $ 7,300
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Up for sale is my Black Hole. As the photos show this is more than and players game but not CQ. It is very clean and would be a nice addition to any game room. The pluses: - ...”
Emerald Hills, CA
Archived after: 3 days
Viewed: 665 times
Status: Sold for $ 1,500
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Fully restored (full original status) “Pictures show the excellent quality of this machine. It has the best functioning hologram I have seen. This can be seen in the photo which only barely captures this very reluctant ...”
Emerald Hills, CA
Archived after: 20 days
Viewed: 19 times
Status: Sold (amount unknown)

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