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3 months ago
This game is fast and hard. Too hard for the theme, but none the less it is hard.
11 months ago
premium feels like the complete game, where as the pro is definitely lacking. Great music! if you love LZ music the premium/LE is the way to go. Pro is a little boring.
11 months ago
Really think this game is under rated.
11 months ago
I think I am surprised how much I like this game. R&M is a fun show, but I don't necessarily love the show.
11 months ago
For whatever reason, this game stinks. I looks fantastic the playfield looks fun! It just isn't.:-(
11 months ago
This is hands down the worst pinball machine on the market today. Period Theme is great!!
11 months ago
This game is RAD. I actually like the Pro more than the premium / LE. In this case, it is harder to play than the premium. The stop and go gets old on the premium, but I think the premium is better looking and has better mechs. I really would love to own either model. I did own a pro for the Launch party, but was sadly sold right after. I'll get another one!
11 months ago
I think AIQ Pro is actually a more fun game to play. It shots easier, if a hard ass game can shoot easier,lol. I have owned both premium and pro, but like the pro more. Although I would own both and at one point did.:-)
11 months ago
This game is fantastic. It is Fast! I a voting on .91 code, so it will get even better.
2 years ago
Definitely my favorite system 11 games of all time. The shots are butter and I love the unlimited score you can make on this pin.
2 years ago
This is both one of my favorite games to play and one I hate to play, because it is so ugly. I hate the theme, but I actually like the show. I just don’t want to stare at gross zombies while I play pinball. The ruleset is awesome and the shots are buttery. I like the call outs and the creepy music. It does make you feel uneasy. I do like the heads in the fish tank!
2 years ago
Not a big fan of this game. I want to like it, I really do. Maybe if it we in my shop or in my home I would enjoy it more, but I did go and gave it an hour and a half of my time and I just don’t get it. If you love the theme maybe or if you have it at home. I wanted to love this game and I like was JJP is doing. I wish them all the success.
2 years ago
One of my favorite pins, it has it all and you can win prizes! A one of a kind for sure!!
2 years ago
The theme and theme integration are not great, but it is such a good game!
2 years ago
One of the best overall games ever made. Still holds up today, even with the rules of modern games.
2 years ago
One of my favorite games, the sound although loud , can be super intense! Stern drops are so satisfying and this game has plenty. Both better than ripping a Stern spinner either.
2 years ago
Game is so fun and fast, almost maddening. You want to play it over and over. Music can get a little old as the game modes are based on each song. Beatles are cool, but you can only handle hearing 40 seconds of taxman so many times. If this was another theme and 2K cheaper, they would sell so many as it really is a fun pin!!
3 years ago
but for maybe the theme, this game is almost perfect and I am starting to like Iron Maiden, so IDK. This game is rad. Has to be top 3 in my mind...
3 years ago
This game is almost perfect, Theme, shots, and fun. The rules are great! The only thing that it "lacks" is flow. It's a game you shot, catch, and shot again. Rinse and repeat...

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