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6 years ago
I played dialed in, and finally bought one. The theme doesn’t bother me at all. It is a really fun pin, that puts a smile on my face, and keeps me coming back for more...all the time. A really excellent pin.
7 years ago
I found the game a drain monster, and although it was fairly fun, it wouldn't last in the long run for me.
8 years ago
The playfield, cabinet and music are top notch. Spent an afternoon playing this. It really is a fabulous pin. The code is very basic at this stage, as always. I will go back and change the real rating of the code in a year based upon updates. JJP did a fantastic job on updates for WOZ so hopefully they will do the same for TH. I had a lot of fun. The video screen is a step up from WOZ. It looks really crisp and vibrant. The quality is there, and I'm sure they will provide quality code. It is Keith Johnson after all.
8 years ago
Had this pin for a few years.
10 years ago
I played the game and found it a little lacking. Perhaps with code updates it will get better. The sounds are ok, and it's pretty much a cooker cutter stern layout.
10 years ago
Can't really dig it. The sound quality isn't great. Not into music themed pins. Game play didn't do it for me. I played a few games, then walked. The quality is getting better from stern, but not ready to part my money for one.
10 years ago
I've had this game for about two weeks. The code is not bad, and will only get better. I'm really happy I bought it. I have over 200 games played on it. A real winner!
11 years ago
This game feels like a comfortable shoe that you want to keep wearing. I always liked to come back to this pin when I owned it. The wife loved the music which was a bonus. Great sounds and animation. Good flow. A keeper.
11 years ago
I owned this pin for 4 years. The music and voices are great. A bit of stop and go flow, but some of the sounds like multiball is awesome. Look out for wear on the mansion windows if buying one.
11 years ago
What can I say, it is a fun pin to play, has a lot of laughs and draws you in. I wish I could own one. Very expensive.
11 years ago
It's a goofy looking pin, and doesn't have many toys, but it is just a fun pin to play. It took a very short time before I decided it was a good pin. A keeper.
11 years ago
Stop and go play flow, but I enjoy playing it. Lots of toys, and the music is good. Wish it had a better sound system however.
11 years ago
I owned this game for several years. I would own it again. It is fun, with good flow, and quite funny clips. Expensive though.
11 years ago
I owned this for 7 years. Wish I still he'd it. Good game.
11 years ago
Not my favorite pin. The music would wear on me. Didn't have the wow factor I was looking for.

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