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12 days ago
This was probably one of my favorite “pro” models in recent years. I couldn’t tell it was missing anything but did “feel” it was missing something…only until you play the premium does everything “click”. Still, I would easily buy this game and or play on the regular at any location with enthusiasm! Music and lights still amazing and animation off the charts…best stern animation yet. The shots feel good and the game defines “fun to step up to” but depth to keep you coming back a LONG time. If the premium didn’t exist…I’d still say this is one of sterns top tables!
12 days ago
I’ve never given a game this high a score…always something a little off here or there…but I am hard pressed to find a flaw in this game! The animation is insane…music and prep to fight the next monster is amazing, and the lights!?! Second only to zeppelin ;). The most important being layout and code…WOW…open playfield but SO MUCH to do and the game is crazy deep! Cares nothing about the theme but the game makes me LOVE the theme…THATS how you make a game Keith just set the BAR!
45 days ago
This game is the best game to get people in to pinball. Rules are easy to understand. Call outs are hilarious. Great flow and all around fun game…however…super easy to beat and once you’ve beaten it a few times…very low replay value…regardless…one of my absolute favorites.
85 days ago
This table surprised me. The pro was fun and spent a good couple hours on it, but when i found a premium...I had a hard time getting off it. So much so I just purchased one. The upper playfield truly takes this game to the next level, i love that upper playfield loop and multi ball shot. The old school multiball sounds are amazing, don't know what multiball it's called, but it's on both pro and premium. Visuals are some of the best i've seen and the music is absolutely perfect.

This theme isn't one i thought i'd like as i gravitate to "themes of nostalgia" but this brought be back to the Williams era where it felt like they had a theme, and built the table around it. The shots are very rewarding. The rules are easy to follow, but difficult to execute. Honestly one of the more "fun" games to come out of stern the past few years...(second only to Dead pool ;))

This is far too low of a ranking and a very underrated game in my opinion.
5 months ago
This table…at first I was like…meh…but after a few games and better understanding…I’m barely a starswars fan and I want to own this!!!! The flow is incredible!!! Even the pro isn’t that bad :) but the premium…wow
5 months ago
This has some fun rules and a couple cool aspects, not one that pulls me to play, but definitely a good game worth some time if you have it
5 months ago
Personally my favorite table Jersey Jack has made.
5 months ago
Great concept…it just isn’t…fun? I don’t know, I didn’t click with this game, could just be me
5 months ago
From the moment you step up, it feels like there isn’t much going on with this play field…but after one game, you are hooked and realize just how deep of a game this is and how much FUN!!!!
5 months ago
The premium is 100% worth it. The pro doesn’t feel like it should feel less than, but something just doesn’t work with the pro and premium is absolutely amazing
5 months ago
This table absolutely blows me away. I’m not a fan of Jurassic park (like I like it, but I’m not dying for a pinball table of it) but after playing it…I’m dying for a pinball table of it!!
5 months ago
This game felt slow and oddly, too many multiballs. I was disappointed in the lights after playing zeppelin so much, but I did like the layout…may change ratings after playing more, but this is based off first 10 games.
9 months ago
This game is an absolute surprise. First look and it feels empty, but when you get in to it, it’s one of the most rewarding multi ball experiences I’ve ever had. What it lacks in toys it makes up for in submersion. When you are hitting your shots and the balls are flowing, it reminds you of why pinball exists. If you like Zeppelin, makes all the better. My best way to describe is it reminds me of 70s pinball, at its best, with modern flow and ramps....the pro left me wanting...the premium, can’t get me off it...AND THE BALL!!!! No one realizes how amazing those side lamps make the balls when playing...truly incredible. Ramble on is currently my favorite scheme with regard to lights and ramp shots.

Could not recommend this table more...if you want a bunch of toys to hit this isn’t your game, and that’s ok, but if you want pinball flow at its best, this is on another level.
10 months ago
One of the greatest of all time.
10 months ago
Very few tables have the flow and replay ability as this one. The use of gems to play the game in so many ways is second to none played before.