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3 years ago
I actually like the theme from the old TV series. I think that makes this game fun for people that grew up in watching Batman. I could see those that didn't may not like it as much but the game play is still fun regardless.
3 years ago
I'll start by saying I only played this a dozen times so my rating may change. However, I thought that this was a great new pin by stern. I actually like the theme and the quality of the animation is similar to deadpool. Great call outs for being so new with the code and I love the spinning pizza.

I'm do not have of all the rules since I played Donatello the majority of the time. I'm sure I'm going to have to adjust my rating but this pin was much better than I anticipated and I actually like this better than Jurassic Park.
3 years ago
I got to play this a little more at York. I loved the theme and have seen all the movies in the series. I was hoping to have a little more artwork that related to scenes in the movies. It almost reminds me of the Spider-Man vault release where it is more of something you would expect out of a comic book.

The game play is pretty decent and much better than I expected. I thought the music was classic JP. I think this pin met my expectations since I heard a lot of negative feedback on it prior to playing it. Had a much better experience playing it this weekend than last time. I think this is a pin that probably will grow on me the more I play it. Not sure if this is a must have for my collection but certainly not the stinker that everyone was labeling it.
4 years ago
I own all of JPP Games and this quite frankly is the most fun to play. I waited a little while to post a rating until I got a good amount of plays on this to see if my opinion changed. What I found is that this game is super addictive. All the shots are buttery smooth and hitting the TV can be challenging because if you miss and feed the ball to the left loop hard enough it can fly around and go SDTM. Additionally, hitting the gobstopper from the right flipper can sometimes produce a deflection toward a the outline. I love the shots on this game and the wonkavator multiball provides a strobe light effect which reminds me of AFM.
I don’t believe this is as beautiful as WOZ or TH, nor has the toys on it that pirates has but it is much more fun to play. I like how developed the code was at release and I’m sure it will only get better. I did experience a few issues at unboxing and set up. My Gobstopper hole assembly kept blowing a fuse and the wonkavator wouldn’t release the balls properly. Nonetheless, JPP service has been terrific and sent me an entire new assembly. I highly recommend this game to anyone.
4 years ago
This was a great first design for Keith. I’m a big fan of the theme so this pin not only is a blast to play but also rocks. Adding an external sub to this really makes a difference. This is easily a top five pin and probably even edges out LOTR as you favorite stern.
4 years ago
Love the theme as I was a fan of all the movies!
The Game Design was just average for me. The shots were fine but nothing stood out in the layout that set it apart from other games. The gameplay was good though and I believe that improvements in the code will continue to help this along.
The artwork is awesome! This was really well done and rivals IMDN as one of sterns best. It's a tough call because I actually like both themes.
Call outs are pretty good but I feel the music could be much better. If your into the theme then you'll like the game call outs.
As I said earlier, I love the theme, although I think the game play is a notch below IMDN but much better than some of the pins that stern has produced lately.
5 years ago
This game totally rocks!!!! I have owned many of the top pins and I personally believe this one deserves to stay in the top 10. I couldn't stop playing it over and over. It's like Meteor on steroids and the music is really cool. This will be one game I have to own.
5 years ago
I love this game! I enjoy the system 9 & 11 games. This is a beautiful game and a great multi ball. Definitely one of the classics that I had to own.
5 years ago
I got to admit the remake plays better than any original I have played. I can't say the same thing about MMr although that was well done as well. The topper was a great addition to such a classic pin. Great game and I would recommend this to anyone.
5 years ago
I get why there is a lot of fan fare for this game. Not a bad pin and I enjoy playing it. I personally prefer the system 9 and 11 games but feel that this is a beautiful pin to own. Game play is above average for its era and some of the shots are pretty cool. I have seen some nice examples of this which may have biased my opinion.
5 years ago
The pro feels stripped down to me. If I decided to buy one I would spend the additional money for a premium.
5 years ago
Not a bad game. When it was first released I felt let down but after I played it I thought it was much better than advertised. I like the theme and it is a typical Richie pin that is fast and has good shots. Artwork packages left a lot on the table. Just felt the Stern could have made this a classic. Instead its a fun pin to play but may not be a keeper for a collection.
5 years ago
I feel there are much more fun games out there to sink money into. I love the theme of Star Wars but was highly disappointed. I don't like the theme of DI but it is a much more fun pin to play.
5 years ago
I know I'm in the minority but I just can't get into the gameplay. Better than flash but not near as fun as the system 9 and 11's of its era. Backglass is really cool.
5 years ago
I like the hyperspace mode to the game but everything else seems very familiar. Tie fighter and death star were disappointing to me. DMD animations are pretty cool. I'm assuming there will be more with better code as it develops. Overall the pin did not live up to my expectations and I will most likely pass on this one. I personally liked Ghost Busters better than this release.
6 years ago
Love the game. Rules could be a little better but still a blast to play.
6 years ago
Great system 9 game. Love these older games they are still a blast to play.
6 years ago
Game rules somewhat similar to Taxi. I do think this is a beautiful pin. Another great run of system 11 pins.
6 years ago
Another nice stern offering. A lot like MET though. Still very fun and of course I love the music.
6 years ago
Like the music but the game play could have been better. Still a nice offering from spooky.
6 years ago
The music is still some of the best ever on a pin. Great system 11 game. I need to own this!
6 years ago
CGC did a great job with the remake. They basically have given hobbiests the opportunity to own one of the best games of all time. I have played them both and they play extremely similar. Great design by Brian Eddy! If I had something constructive to nit pick it would be the music is repetitive and they could have installed better speakers. However, I really like the new technology and believe it is an upgrade to WPC 95. A little more complex to work on but not completely different. Regardless, definitely a top five game of all time.
6 years ago
Great game. Can't see how it could be rated lower than the pro. Cost isn't one of the measures to rate it on.
7 years ago
Game Design: Layout is above above average. I really think this game plays pretty fast. Traditional shot are rewarding and I like toys in the game. This really is fun although I finally had the inopportune rail drains on the LE unlike the pro that I played. If it weren't for that I would rate this at 5 for fun!!

Artwork: I really do love the upgraded artwork on the LE and the trim want me to say it is worth the extra money; however, this is one of those stern game where I don't see the value in upgrading over the pro.

Sounds and Speech: Not bad and I would like to believe with code it could get better. I like the variation of the programming more than the music but still pretty cool overall.

Other: Game is fun to play even though it is frustrating to drain when the ball hops the rail as I experienced on the LE. Not a huge fan on the theme as I really only liked the original movie. Bottom line is this is one of the best pins Stern has put out in a long while. Maybe even since ACDC.
7 years ago
Game Design - Game rules are already very advanced in latest version 1.2. Love the pop ups reminiscent of the machine I have next to it MM, but much more involved in the game play. I really like the drop target skill shots and the extra ball shot that lurks behind them. Although many complain about the purpose of the upper flipper, it definitely helps hitting the targets and the extra ball shot. The game plays plenty fast, especially as you are hitting the drop targets and unlike WOZ it isn't a drain machine. This machine has the best multi ball modes I have ever played.

Artwork - I have the SE and believe it is the best of the versions; however, man like the LE and standard as well. This is one of the most beautiful play fields I have ever seen. I actually bought another to hang on my wall. The back glass does seem a little washed out at the top but it really doesn't take away from the artwork overall. The LCD animations are the best bar none. I really believe that WOZ was a game changer but this blows it out of the water. I have bought the color DMD for many of my games but there simply is no comparison. JJP did a great job using the LCD in this game.

Sounds and Music - The music from 2 steps from hell are really unique to most pinball games. I love the sounds and speech but I can easily see it just getting better and better with the code. The use of Gandalf as much of the narrative was well done.

Other Aspects - Game lighting is awesome and really sticks out. I love the LED's under the pop up trolls from the play field. Theme is why I love this game so much. This story was my favorite as a child and continues through this game. I liked the movies but even if you weren't a fan of them this game still is a blast! This has the best multi ball out of all my games, the best lighting and artwork, and is simply the best pinball machine I have in my house bar none.

I have this game between my MM and MB and it gets played way more by family and friends than any machine I have. I have had zero problems with this machine and recommend this to anyone who loves to have fun playing pinball.
8 years ago
Game Design: Probably sterns best. They layout is configured that you can extend ball times compared to a lot of other games. I particularly like the different modes in the game and how you start them. Multiball is really fun in this game as it is fast and furious! If there were a small criticism about the design it would be the path of the dead. Really could use some different call outs Overall game play is tremendous. Love owning this game.

Artwork: Beautiful artwork. The playfield artwork is gorgeous. If you look closely you can see the wood grain though some of the playfield artwork. Something this beautiful should have had more whiteboard before screening the playfield. The cabinet and back box artwork compliment the playfield. OVer all this was done very well.

Sound and Music: I mentioned the call outs on the path of the dead above. Really the only thing that should have been improved. The rest of the sound fits the game very well.

Other Aspects: Game lighting is awesome. I couldn't help but put a led's in my playfield and back box. Bottom line is this game is plain fun! I love the theme and will keep it in my collection for a long time.
8 years ago
Nice game but similar in theme to TOM which I like better.
8 years ago
Underrated game that is fun to play. Lot's of traffic on the playfield but has some nice shots. The theme was good when it came out but may be not as appealing to the younger generations. Overall, a fun game to play but it may not be one that everyone wants in their collection.
9 years ago
Underrated game. Much more fun than it looks. In all honesty, a game that is fun to play but may not want to own.
9 years ago
I was expecting a much more fun experience. I just couldn't get into this game. The shots were pretty standard and this can't compete with other stern models such as AC/DC and Metallica.
9 years ago
This is more fun to play than AC/DC.
9 years ago
One thing that stands out about this game is the shots. Totally different than any other typical stern or Williams game. I believe the rules are much deeper than most of the modern stern games so this one rates high for me. I own a Luci which has probaly the best graphics of all the models in my opinion. Definitely a top 10 game for me.
9 years ago
Very creative design. Lots of action and fun to play but very challenging. Different pinball from the traditional games and new stern games. I like it!

Game Design: The playfield layout reminds me of my TZ in how it was designed. It has two mini playfields and 5 flippers. playfield magnets and the tree pop bumpers are in a similar area below the mini playfield. Game code is excellent as I have the newest version on my RR. A solid first attempt for JJP's new company. I find this game very challenging. Maybe because of the low scoring but the out lanes are wide open but I don't plan to make it easier.

Artwork: Beautiful cabinet artwork and a tasteful choice of trim regardless if you go with the stainless (standard), emerald green (LE) or ruby red (Anniversary) editions. The LCD screen is a phenomenal upgrade to the dot matrix displays and hopefully it will be integrated into future pinball machines beside JJP. The animations and the code are first rate and are a strong point the this machine.

Sounds and Music: I think the music fits the theme very well. If you don't care of the WOZ theme, well then you probably don't care for the music. I personally like the theme. Maybe not as much as the rest of family because its one of the only pinballs that they truly like to play in my collection.

Other Aspects: The game lighting is probably the best I have every seen in a pinball. For me it's truly fun to play and I enjoy the theme more than most. This is a great addition to pinball because it should promote innovation in the pinball industry.
9 years ago
This is in consideration for my next pin in my collection. Top 5 for me.
9 years ago
Game lighting is out of this world! Very fun game to play and can be addictive but I'm not sure this is one I need to have in my collection. Good game not great. I believe a little overrated in my opinion.
9 years ago
Game Design: Classic playfield layout with great shots. Best center shot with great castle gimmick. Also really like the ramps. The only shot that is troublesome is the Merlin hole which is tough to get the ball to stick on occasion. Rules are really well done. There is a lot of multiball opportunities if you can hit the shots. I also like the rules and feel that both the novice and the advanced pinballer can enjoy this game. Overall gameplay is awesome.

Artwork: Backglass and cabinet are very well done. Playfield is very colorful. I like the animations and feel it adds a lot to the game. Just my opinion but the color DMD really makes a difference! Worth the investment.

Sounds and Music: Love the Monty python theming. The sounds and speech are terrific in this game. I really love the call outs from Kings, Dukes and Lords! The princess valley girl dialogue is pretty funny as well. Music is the same throughout so it can be repetitious. Really the only ding I can give this game but I don't mind it and it really doesn't get old.

Other Aspects: The game lighting and theming really make this pin one of the best ever made. Most of all, the fun factor never wears off for me. This game will not move out of my collection. In the end, if you like the WPC 90's pins this one is a must have.
17 years ago
Game Design: This game layout is really unique. Drac trac and Frankenstien are great toys. I like the rules because if you get all of the monsters ready before you start one you can score a ton of points. I think the rules provide incentives to test your skills instead of just hitting any shots. Better get a cliffiy for the lock hole. Love the toys and gameplay! A blast to play.

Artwork: Really cool artwork and color on the playfield. Back glass is just as nice. Cabinet artwork is better than most of the top pins. The animations are really good in this game. Love the variety of images in the gameplay. Very attractive machine. This is also a machine I would recommend investing in a color DMD. I think it makes a big difference!

Sounds and Music: The call outs are superb in this game. Music is not bad has a definite 80's feel. However, there is pretty decent variation which helps this part along.

Other Aspects: Game lighting is great and the theme is even better. This is just a blast to play and I really don't get tired of playing it.
17 years ago
Game Design: Really was the catilyst for the great pins of the WPC 90's. Lot's of great shots from the different flippers. One thing keeping this from getting a perfect rating for me is it is a drain machine, especially the out lanes. Rules a pretty good but it seems like the modes are pretty random. I love the mini playfield magnets and the gumball machine is a really cool gimmick. Overall it provides a great gameplay!

Artwork: Cabinet is fairly simple but the backglass translite is really well done. Playfield colors work well with the theme and the animations are terrific.

Sounds and Music: Hope you like golden earring, because your going to hear it a lot! The call outs from the shots are good.

Other Aspects: The bottom line is this pin is fun to play. This is my family's favorite, although I like others better personally. It is definitely one of the best of all time (top 10). Power ball makes this game very unique in that it becomes extremely fast and is a great addition to the game. Overall this game should be a must in any collection but I wouldn't rate it number 1.
17 years ago
Fun to play and cool gimmicks. Gameplay is above average, sound and theming are out of this world. I like this game but right now it isn't a must for my collection. I believe with over 20,000 units sold it is overpriced.
17 years ago
Still one of the best system 11's ever made. A classic! I had to own one.
17 years ago
Very addictive game! The more I play it the more I like it. This game is better than the new stern games. I do wish it had an additional flipper but this game rocks and is probably my favorite from stern with Spiderman a close second. Own this and I would love to get my hands on a Spiderman.

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