From Cradle to Grave

By HighProtein

June 03, 2011

9 years ago

I was born (1981), adopted and raised in Jacksonville, FL.
My parents used to live out west and moved to Jax in 1980.
In the last 70s my dad had a pinball arcade in Wyoming called Max's Silver Hammer.
He kept 2 machines Triple Play (traded to my aunt for furniture) & Sky Jump which my dad still owns.
When we moved to a new house in the early 90s it was pulled apart.
I then got into Pinball again in the early 2000s very casually.
When I moved to Seattle in late 2007 and got an apartment in the Belltown area my interest in Pinball started to soar! I moved 2 block away from one of the best pinball bars in the Universe ever called Shortys.

Story to be continued soon...

Shortys keep me fairly content during 2008 and early 2009.
A rade pinball zine called Full Tilt was put out and was my treasure map to machines. I'd bus all around town to check out new machines.
During 2008 I took my first trip (and not for alchol and hookers) to Vegas.
My best frIend back in Jacksonville, FL flew in too. We drove to the grand canyon and one of my highlights was to check out the (unofficial) Pinball Hall of Fame there. What a kick ass place! I went 2 days in a row.

In early 2009 I moved back to Jacksonville, FL but didn't get into pinball here as it wasn't readily available. My desire to play didn't die, I just got caught up into other things (distracted from pinball).

During 2010 I went back to Seattle, WA enjoy the pinball convention and got to spend time in the pinball wonderland of Portland, OR. During that Summer I was fortunate to have a lay over in San Francisco, CA on my to Boston to see Dream Theater (Mike Portnoy's last full set gig with them in America). I checked out the Pacifici Pinball Museum in Alameida, CA (Rad).

Going into 2011 my dad's Sky Jump was still just sitting in his garage (how f'n sad). I cleaned up the garage more (round 5 and 6 of doing so) and got it on it's legs early in 2011. I found a tech that helped me get it back and working (but flawed).

The games have begun at that point as I started the 904 Pinball Zine on facebook (to be printed someday) and bought T2 as my first pinball machine.
I then got Batman Forever and borrowing Black Rose.

I'm doing everything possible to help grow the pinball community in and around Jacksonville, FL. If it can be done here then it can me done in any city!

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9 years ago
Ah man what happened to the Sky Jump?
Glue dried out?
8 years ago
That's a hell of a story! love Your dads arcade name, he must of been a beatles fan. :)
8 years ago
btw, I'm jealous that you got to see DT on mikes last gig.
8 years ago
Sky Jump works ok, playfield is excellent, cabinet needs a bit of repair and painting, it deserves new drop targets.
8 years ago
My parents garage now has Sky Jump, Fish Tales & Terminator 2.
Debating what game should go in-between the DMDs.

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