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3 days ago
Its basically a game for kids and families. Mostly good flow, snappy enough flippers, ok ball lock gimmicks, video mode pinball is trash, audio levels are all over the place and it feels more like a casino game presentation wise than not in video/audio assets...
3 months ago
Farrrrr better than I expected shots and flow wise but glitchy code, basically trash fake animations, bad art and feels totally boutique...
4 months ago
When working 100% it is my favorite Widebody of all time!
Things came unplugged under the playfield, auto launch code is crap, coding of coin op is stupid giving 1/8 credits on display and left side flippers high power hold being intermittent out of the box is a joke. Hopefully all things can be fixed and updated.
4 months ago
The total package for real.
The best Kaiju themed pinball ever.
For the above average player its a good balance of fun and challenge combined.
Can't wait to played completed code Edition.
I've got a PRO on location, but for home I'd have a Premium version.
4 months ago
I'm very pleasantly surprised overall.
The worst ball plunge path designed ever as it can fly straight back and up into a metal post, seriously Borgie?
Very good flow vs his last game TMNT.
Callouts range from cringe af to ok to kinda funny.
Launch from the scoop down the middle is sad...
Animations are quite decent overall.
7 months ago
The total package for real.
The best Kaiju themed pinball ever.
For the above average player its a good balance of fun and challenge combined.
Can't wait to played completed code Edition.
I've got a PRO on location, but for home I'd have a Premium version.
7 months ago
So after 63 plays it blows the fuse for the left flipper, ball trough eject and auto launch (why use mini 3amp slow blow fuses?). Incomplete & mind boggling code missing many basic things in settings but they'll give epic settings like "enable flippers", is that a fucking inside joke? Not out of the box ready for location really. Hilarious yet sad glitches like it saying "CREDIT UP" while actually playing lol. Many other boo boos I'll document soon.
So after higher value of fuses its currrently working.
Some good flow and ok combo shots.
The left ramp for being so wide is brick city.
Inadvertently making 3 scoop shots on the left is oook.
Speed of the loops is good.
Mini shot on the right above the right sling gets stuck.
Some of the animations have artifacting effects.
No tilt animations (I'm fond of tilt animations).
Like subwoofer and shaker effects feel good with this theme.
General public seem to be drawn to it and dig it.
8 months ago
Now this is a refreshing game by Stern. Some killer flow, combos, modes, sound fx, different usage of the action button and a cool magna-captive ball. Delightful on the eyes art as always by Zombie Yeti! After the non-intriguing Mandalorian & Snorefest Zeppelin fiiiiiinally another game I'd be proud to have on location not just as a trendy or nostalgic cash grab...
1 year ago
Funky and but not so fun layout.
Mine upper playfield area is silly flap the flipper kinda fun.
The main ramp does rejects some shots which is pathetic...
Middle handing target is just clunky and not gratifying.
Baby yoda does nothing and is the size of a spaceship what a joke...
No Cara Dune is a joke.
Impossible mode is good though.
I dig the trade beskar for items.
1 year ago
This game truly in all aspects is a masterpiece.
The best music pinball ever.
Deeeeeep rules, great gimmicks, great animations, many multiballs, also each game plaues on it is dynamic and different.
1 year ago
No... just no...
Left ramp flops up & down...
Couldn't they make a new more appropriate ramp?
Starting one of the multiball via just repeat left ramp shots?
The art on the cabinet is like poor man's version of dirty donny...
The big hole of the playfield with nothing in the back left corner can't be avoided, why not a ramp that loops up and around that area?
1 year ago
The comic art versions are far better as they don't hurt my eyes.
1 year ago
Long and kimda challenging playfield shots. Ramps are kinda steep and not backhandable which is uncommon for a Steve Ritchie game. Decent animation and music quality. O.k. call outs. Sound game sounds are bobo...
1 year ago
Above average shots, some neat gimmicks and a few decent combo shots. Animations are like a cellphone game (expected better), I don't car for battles (uninspiring & don't feel quest like at all...), music is meh, call outs are practically soul-less...
1 year ago
Theme is only for kids and hot wheels collectors.
The light show makes it very hard to track the ball in a dark room, who the hell just codes G.I. to just be 1 color so much of the time.
Basic fan layout with moments of uniqueness...
Some of sound fx and flow at times...
No loop or jump ramp, really?
1 year ago
Its just unique, challenging, fun, dynamic and intense enough to inspire replay after replay after replay. It is as some would call it a concert in a box. This world underglass is a balance of risk reward that sets up any easy initial multiball but very challenging path to complete full song multiball modes.
1 year ago
Quite a neat piece for being pizza restaurant branded. Some nice flow on ramp and loop shots. Fun sound effect and animations (when they work).
1 year ago
Top tier Stern/Modern pinball.
Great art, shots, animations & modes.
Still not fond of overkill light show flashing in modern games which deter from tracking ball at all times (anti-glare glass helps that...)
Call outs are oook but not 80s cartoon ok.
2 years ago
he best Spooky to date! Challenging, dynamic, whimsical & unique machine. It is one of few games that truly makes you better at making pinball shots. Many possible combo shots. The pop bumper helps more than hurts (you can at times bump the ball into the center scoop from it). Refreshing to play. Non-buyers remorse...
I'm not fond of how the flipper area of the armor feels.
2 years ago
The best Spooky to date! Challenging, dynamic, whimsical & unique machine. It is one of few games that truly makes you better at making pinball shots. Many possible combo shots. The pop bumper helps more than hurts (you can at times bump the ball into the center scoop from it). Refreshing to play. Non-buyers remorse...
2 years ago
So neat! Challenging and Fun!
2 years ago
Unique looking and a lot of character.
2 years ago
Glad to see a 3rd Elvira but the gameplay isn't wacky and upbeat like the theme.
2 years ago
What a kick butt fun & classic game!
2 years ago
Quite a fine EM, unique layout and flow.
2 years ago
I'm glad they've given me another fun game after Deadpool.
2 years ago
The Art s better, Wonkavator lock is cool and dynamic of a feature.
2 years ago
Fiiiiiinally got to play one.
Thoroughly enjoyed it overall.
2 years ago
After complaining about getting an artist, coder and making a layout behind a paradise of symmetry they progressed but didn't fully succeed. No wow you shots, nothing new, wasted space and uninspired music that doesnt make me think cosmic or carnival. Congrats on being the 1st Florida pinball company in modern times but please hire a professional pinball designer.
2 years ago
Its not what I expected...
Poor lighting, ball gets lost in the bar through, mode progression isn't how I'd like it.
3 years ago
This game is intense, fast and maddening.
Multiball sessions get to be a workout.
Time up top isnt that fun but is rewarding.
3 years ago
Its goodish for being a beerfest gimmick...
3 years ago
The lower playfield is super meh, good art package but really a blinged out pro...
3 years ago
Strange game but neat overall.
3 years ago
Its a good attempt overall.
3 years ago
Its silly and odd and thats oook
3 years ago
Played at IAAPA 2018

Art, Animation, Music, Fast, Best parts of Seawitch, Fast Spinners, Challenging, Feels like a great mix of styles and features from EM/Solid State/Modern era games, Different, Unique, Relatively low production run.

Price, Minor fine details missing (golden caster feet and bolts?), would prefer being able to pick songs instead of so much integration of songs into modes, would like live versions of each song, relatively low production run, a few inches shorter than common Stern, would like an action button (kinda kidding but would.

Overall a good single level game on a theme past due for a pinball machine.
3 years ago
It's a neat machine overall with quite good build quality overall.
3 years ago
This is the modern Stern I've been waiting for as a collector operator! So far so good on location!
4 years ago
A bit better than the PRO
4 years ago
Action shots and modes from the first plunge. Fun shots that connect from boince to bounce to flipper to shot. Great music, animations are adequate and good call outs. Addictive in a way. Refreshing.
4 years ago
No other game is as intense.
Great music and sound fx.
A mix of some flow shots, lots of randomness,
no rinse and repeat shots, fun objectives and sometimes a phantom tilt.
4 years ago
A bit better than the pro.
4 years ago
This is a tough game, very fast and kinda refreshing in a way, although I do already own 2 no fears...
5 years ago
So, after playing an ALIEN this weekend a lot in a home environment with the volume up and an external subwoofer attached,
I must say that it lived up to much of the hype it may have, it lived up to most of what I wanted it to actually be and it left me
really wanting to play it more and if the planets and stars and craftmanship of the new management team aligns... I'd like one.

I truly enjoy some Early solid state era Wide body games.
I truly enjoy some 90s era solid state games.
It merges many great playfield characteristics of both eras.

The display in the backglass was very nice and very useful (I did enjoy how the clip artish inserts were utilized in the backglass
animation area to explain what shots to make, it was useful, tasteful and unique).
The movie clips grabbed were good and well implemented.
The mini display did add a fun flare and visual element to the playfield and actually makes more sense the a mini me version
of the queen alien that was to be there originally.
The display in the playfield on this variation of the game was inbetween un-required to semi helpful.
In a mega dark room, sure it could help, but in a kinda lit room it wasn't that helpful if at all.
But... if someone went with the small backglass screen or LE backglass, it would be required and helpful.
All of the shots are doable other than the inside ramp if the back legs are raised up.
The audio quality of the license assets were great as expected.
The code for me is enough where is sits and doesn't need too much added to be "finished".
The weapon selection option and usage functions were very unique, fun and fascinating to me.
The beacons are quite neat and aren't under or over used.
It'd kinda mean in the vein of BSD that you can have a really short game or a decently long and enjoyable one.

What I didn't care for...
The damn EXTRA Ball/Weapon selection button on the front left of the cabinet...
It's too damn close to the start button, it's the same sized and frankly why the hell isn't it on the left or right
side of the cabinet near the flipper buttons? Pinball people are accustomed to multiple buttons on a side or two at times.
It was missed just a little lighting in the middle area near the right ramp to me (no big deal).

I'll bite my ALIEN tongue from going on tangents about the game not being available to be and if/when...

But damn... I know this game would earn in the movie theater location I could put it at and many many many
non-pinball people would play it due to the theme and it's look...
5 years ago
Very neat and unique game to combat the video game craze at the time!
5 years ago
This game is aging and developing well.
5 years ago
Very slick game, good variety of shots, great animation, neat call outs and sweet toys.
5 years ago
Almost as good as the original...
5 years ago
I like the red LED display, changed speaker panel angle/added art to it and the other minor changes.
5 years ago
This game has it all basically. Great flowing ramps, challenging ramp, challenging combo shots, magnets, fun modes and is a genuinely unique original game!
5 years ago
Fooseball Bobby!
Fun game with some unique shots and mechs.
Simple to understand rules and fun sound f/x and call outs.
5 years ago
Groovy, Wacky and Sexy Funky Hot GAME!
5 years ago
This is a True Premium/LE Game!
Unique shots, wild manga slings, challenging shots, great music and call outs and just freaking FUN!
5 years ago
Good comic book update version, but the only Spider-Man realm I liked was Amazing Spider-Man series one...
6 years ago
Fast, Fun and Unique game.
6 years ago
When in nice condition this game has a unique flow and bounce of shots. The 2 targets in the middle are nice. The target at the end of the left side lane with wire posts. Right spinner is kinda challenging.
6 years ago
Currently at SFGE this weekend (6/10/2016) and played ROB ZOMBIE once so far.
To form a real opinion of this game (like any other game) you've got to see it,
play it and really give it a test drive.
It's refreshing to play for me because the shorts are makeable and the balls coming back to the flippers
can be calculated but don't come back to the flippers the same way all the damn time type of predictable.
The "randomizing" factor of the middle playfield side slingshots add a variation to play that I truly welcome.
It's a good balance of make the shots and let the game do it's part too.
I got the House of 1000 corpses mode and it was a good balanced launch flow of balls to the playfield,
instead of balls just falling down all at once. Adding balls was totally doable during this mode.
In the end I got 641 corpses and a #3 place high score (photo posted to high scores board of this site later).
I don't recall getting through any modes and I didn't get to the upper playfield, so I've got many more
achievements to shoot for on this game.
I'd love to see this game in a record store or two in the world, that'd be rad and will shoot for more high scores today.
6 years ago
To me this is basically Black Knight 3000.
Quality build but fun factor isn't high for me as the upper play field isn't as enjoyable as I'd like it.
6 years ago
It's better than the PRO, solid game that feels like a high end SEGA machine.
6 years ago
To me this game is basically like No Fear 2.0 but with 2 flippers.
Good flow, some fun shots and enjoyable once the mojo is flowing.
6 years ago
Challenging, Fun, Enjoyable Sounds, Chaotic and Different!
6 years ago
Whoa! this is fun, challenging and lasting even though baseball is turd to me of a theme.
6 years ago
I L O V E this game!!!
6 years ago
WAY better than the original for so many reasons.
It's a glorious bastard child of EM and early SS aspects of game elements.
I love this game!
7 years ago
Pure work of Art.
Great Music!
Totally unique cabinet.
Fun to play and quite a challenge!
7 years ago
Great looking and playing game.
Challenging and leaves you coming back again!
7 years ago
What a neat game! One of the best loop shots in pinball, spinning CD is great! and just pretty darn fun!
7 years ago
Just played this for about 30 minutes, code is still in progress but when talking about a layout, this one is the jam!
7 years ago
Wacky, Silly, Fun and well done theme.
*Cant Get Outta Here!*
7 years ago
This is my first early SS game. Mine is fast and furious fun. I dig the gameplay, it's fast yet forgiving at times.
8 years ago
Good layout for being so wide, shots are fun and good bounce factor from side to side in the game.
8 years ago
Challenging game, GREAT art, neat layout, fun game!
8 years ago
Eat your heart out Xenon!!!
8 years ago
Strange game that has neat shots and wacky as hell.
8 years ago
Not my favorite billiard themed pinball...
8 years ago
What a fun game!
Just played on in a bar in Athens GA!
8 years ago
Very fun and neat artwork filled EM!
8 years ago
My absolute favorite early SS wide body game!
8 years ago
I just got to play this yesterday.
GREAT rules, good shots, good layout and although I don't care about soccer, I can tell they did a good job with the theme.
8 years ago
Wacky azz hell game, silly, fun, challenging.
8 years ago
I played Stu's! and it's a neat game. Didn't get the babes to show up under the playfield though... Neat art and more fun than Playboy.
8 years ago
I played this (the only one of these that exists) last Friday at the 69 Emporium.
This is a truly one of a kind, artful and fast paced game.
8 years ago
Great tournament game, 1 neat gimmick mech and kinda fun.
8 years ago
Great looking game, fun scoring system and some good shots.
8 years ago
PAC MAN PINBALL!!! neato, so so fun...
8 years ago
Played at the NPM when in Baltimore, it's an ooook early SS game.
8 years ago
Fun, rare and challenging!
8 years ago
It's a good Borg game overall, I like it's relatives: Iron Man and Big Buck Hunter more though...
8 years ago
Neat, strange, very spooky gimmick of a game, some neat shots and different for sure.
8 years ago
Good layout for the pops and drop targets, fun.
8 years ago
I enjoyed the hell out of this game at Southern Pinball Festival 2013.
I cracked out a 93 Million after a few games and really enjoyed it.
8 years ago
Neat game, neat side shots, fun and interesting.
8 years ago
I dig this game and would like to play it more soon.
8 years ago
NEAT ramps and shots, fun overall?
8 years ago
Ohhhhhh YEAH!!!!
It's quite a decent game!
8 years ago
I played a clear one at Almeada juju pinball blast arcade.
8 years ago
Neat for it's time for sure, ok now.
8 years ago
One of few Solid State games that I would own.
8 years ago
It's quite fun
8 years ago
it's oooook/neato
8 years ago
It grew on me
8 years ago
Its decent but lacks soul and tight shots are more for above average players.
8 years ago
It's ok, neat overall, sticks out in it's era.
8 years ago
Wildness, a modern made EM! whoa nelly!
8 years ago
Neat game! Neat gimmick, fun and challenging.
9 years ago
Just played this at Curly's open house, I dig it!
9 years ago
It's ok, not a hockey fan, ok for it's time...
9 years ago
This game doesn't feel well tested.
After tweaked it could play ok and maybe good but not after 100 plays.
The ball gets caught after launching and stuck misc places.
Ok flow, somewhat different ramps/shots.
Hulk is neat, art is ok, sounds are decent and it has it's moments...
9 years ago
I played it once, kind of impressive, re-review once I have more time on it...
9 years ago
It's an oook cocktail, I dug the mario brothers sounds.
9 years ago
It's on average better than the PRO edition.
I've played this version on route and it's one of the last one's I'd ever route.
9 years ago
I'd rather wipe out my $$$ on toilet paper.
9 years ago
I played one of these recently, some dude said he had a prototype game so I check it out (this game). Some neat tricks like drop targets near the outer drain lanes and nice ball launch into the left our drain lane if you pull the plunger the whole way back. It is a poor-man's Mad Max but neat.
9 years ago
This game helped me stay awake at a coffee shop in U-District after work at Boeing when I lived in Seattle WA, real fun!
10 years ago
I just played an excellent one at APE convention 2013, neeeat game.
10 years ago
I threw my 50 cents in like putting 50 cents on black and it landed on green, doh!!!
10 years ago
I can't help but enjoy this game from this first plunge, it was difficult at first just like No Fear was for me, I learned it, groove with it and now knock out decent scores (85Millions). Music is nice, sound quality is nice, cannon play is nice and great for jackpots and replay value is high!
10 years ago
2 new toys, nice LED job, mini-megatron, quality backglass and decals, fun game, not grrreat though...
10 years ago
26 years before Fish Tales there was a Williams game called Hot Line.
The campy fishing theme art and characters started here.
It's a neat little game that I just played yesterday.
10 years ago
Beautiful game, good layout, good music, good movie samples, good modes and great effort.
The game is Good. To me I wouldn't call it Great though. I've played it at friend's houses, conventions and on locations and enjoyed it. The lighting on the ramps is real neat. LE's are always more solid of a body of a machine in Sterns. Tron LE is an A level game to me.
10 years ago
Not a top 100 pin.
10 years ago
SKULL! from No Fear! aka Steve Ritchie returns!
This game has a good layout, rules, music, modes and shots.
I've had more fun on this game than probably all other Sterns.
These other very low scores are just clucking azzclown reviews.
10 years ago
So I fiiiiinally played this game and an excellent conditioned one in a bar of all places!
I dig the layout, some of the flow and getting into gear with the game.
CRAP voices/speak and cheezy music!
Way better than Nascar!
10 years ago
Good theme, nordman characteristics, dig the 3 balls to start with, dig the ramp graphics, dig the kick back on the draining of the 3rd ball, dig the sounds
10 years ago
Crazy black b1tch3z!? theme? rad, sorta...
10 years ago
I just picked one up and it's more fun to own than just play on occasion.
10 years ago
I played this in my parents' room as a kid, fixing it up in 2011/2012, great condition, kinda fun, nice art.
10 years ago
10 years ago
I played this game 4 times on mega f'n hard settings in the tournament @ the Southern Pinball Festival this year and about 16 times on standard settings in Curly's booth at the show. On mega hard its a real challenge and on regular settings it is still pretty hardcore. It is not a game for those new to the sport or kids or older folks. It really is for the more established player and ones with better than average reflexes. Just looking at the game from a playability factor and how many dynamic shots that can occur, to me its a game I will play many times in the future, far more than Tron, Avatar, Rolling Stones, Iron Man & or Batman (probably combined).
P.S... Only complaint or really review point to make is that balls got stuck during play all over the place - in megatron, upper left above pop bumpers, behind optimus ramp, etc...
10 years ago
Fun flow, crap theme, good art.
10 years ago
Rrrrad, great backglass playfield, good theme, just fun overall.
10 years ago
The best Playboy game of the 3.
10 years ago
Not bad, motorcycle themes are usually good in pinball.
10 years ago
4 player version of this classic.
10 years ago
No Board Game Pinballs!
10 years ago
It's oook.
10 years ago
Decent pool theme, nice outlane save pop-up feature.
10 years ago
After finally playing some decent ones, it's got some nice flow and shots to hit, many mechanical gimmicks and can get to be real fun at times.
10 years ago
I finally checked this game out @ a fellow pinsider's place, what a fun game!
10 years ago
TMNT is totally my favorite cartoon/comic book group of dudes from the late 80s/early 90s.
Had the comics, the toys and the TMNT 1 movie on cassette!
Now, I have the pinball machine!
10 years ago
No where near as good as No Good Goffers but ok for its time...
10 years ago
Nice 4 flipper game, although the one I played didn't work completely, I enjoyed it.
10 years ago
Jokers are amusing, Kings & Queens and cards don't do much for more though, decent game play though...
10 years ago
OK theme, dig the ramps, gotta love the dated TROLL in it right?
10 years ago
Not my favorite but not the worst Playboy pin...
None of my favorite playmates in it...
I just don't know how someone could be turned on by the gameplay or execution in this game.
10 years ago
About time they made a Batman pin!?
Good theme on a good movie with cameo by Tim Burton.
Fun pin overall like all the Batman pins.
10 years ago
Sorta fun, back in the day would be rocking for its time, just ok today.
10 years ago
No thanks to this theme and game and gameplay.
10 years ago
One of the few games from this time period that I enjoyed.
Played it some at the 2010 Seattle pinball convention.
Dig the layout of the 2nd set of flippers and drop targets up top.
10 years ago
Funky theme, it's no Monster bash but for its time would have been the fun monster themed game.
10 years ago
Challenging, fun, fast, unique and worth owning game.
10 years ago
A very respectable Star Trek game. Fun and something I'd play again.
10 years ago
Played it a few times in Seattle at Shorty's when it came out. A good modernized version of Fastbreak to me.
10 years ago
So so theme, decent game, sorta fun, not something I'd buy though...
10 years ago
Meow theme? Not the best and you'd really have to love bad cats to buy one.
10 years ago
I would possibly travel back in time to play this.
10 years ago
Decent packed action in the P2K format. Ok theme.
10 years ago
Decent gimmick, not very well executed and not very lasting interest.
10 years ago
One of the best billiard themed games!
10 years ago
I'd call it a classic, Steve Ritchie's first kick butt machine.
10 years ago
Not as good of a useage for the them but oook, for the hardcore Peter Pan fans it should do.
10 years ago
After playing about a dozen games of this on a clean machine I dig it.
10 years ago
Not bad Heff but it coulda been better Mr.
10 years ago
Far less intriguing than the original legendary woman.
10 years ago
Mario Bros Rule!
Great game and theme for the time!
10 years ago
Lame Theme, ok game, decent useage of magnets, ok ramps...
10 years ago
I dig the movie so the game being high paced fun was just a bonus for me.
I own the game want to play a real nice one someday.
Mine is a really well shopped and repaired route use only one haha.
10 years ago
Being one of the fortunate ones to try this at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas,
this game didn't deserve to be mass manufactured. It was novel but not worth replaying.
10 years ago
Don't Have A Cow Dude!
80s greatness of that era of the Simpsons.
10 years ago
Not what I'd like out of a 2000 version of this game...
10 years ago
Wow, this game just feels bouncy and isn't fun!
10 years ago
Finally!, a game that gives you something for hitting ramps over and over again!
Cheezy overall but sorta fun.
10 years ago
Not as epic as it could be but a memorable playfield.
10 years ago
Semi-Rad Racer
10 years ago
I title thee Son of Pinbot.
After years of being with the Bride this kid came out.
This kid likes to gamble!
He is just like his dad overall.
10 years ago