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3 years ago
I love the gameplay and the sound. But as everyone has said.. That backglass. How did that design make it into production? No one looked at it and said "dude wtf is up with the guy?" No one?!
3 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. It looked amazing and played great! It was kind of loud there and hectic, and I'm very much a noob. So bare that in mind. But I really enjoyed it.
3 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. We really enjoyed it. It was easy to play, and you could have a decent game without being a pinball wizard.
3 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. It looks great, and plays great. We really enjoyed it and went back a few times.
3 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. I loved it. The rules are easy to understand even in a hectic environment like a show. It's now my all time fav.
3 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. I loved it! It has the best sound out of any at the show. You could hear that music and it would just draw you in.
3 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. I didn't care for it.
3 years ago
A must have for any street fighter or kid of the early 90’s!
3 years ago
Fun game about a terrible movie.
3 years ago
Best of the best!
3 years ago
It's got a spinner, roll overs, pop bumpers, a kick out hole and drop targets! What more could you ask for out of a EM? Gameplay is fun and fast. We love it. It's became the favorite in our gameroom.
3 years ago
Egg Head is like that really hot girl you know. Who you is a 10/10 until you get to know her. She is a pain in the ass to deal with and she is very difficult to be around. But damn does she look good.
3 years ago
Our first bingo! Honestly I could be completely off the mark for the rating. Because this was the first bingo machine I've ever played. And I bought it because it was local, the price was right and I loved the look of it. And I'm super happy I've got it. It's way more fun to play than I expected!
3 years ago
It has a hockey buzzer when you score which is amazing! And a puck on the back glass that moves as you play! This was in 1972!! A little difficult to play. 8/10
3 years ago
To me there’s just too much backed into the play field.
3 years ago
It's neat being the first game with 3" flippers and I believe the pop up post. But I found the game to be so easy to keep the ball from falling. It's easy to keep that up post up.
3 years ago
My fiance loves this machine. I like it. 8.5/10.
3 years ago
Our first machine that got us hooked on the hobby. I personally am not a fan of the geisha. I think a more poker-like themed back glass would've been nicer. I do however really like the look of the play field. And I'm a fan of the way the game plays.
Only one drop so the ball stays in play more often. And it's easy to see what you need to hit to get the scorer moving. 8/10.