Pinball History - HLT

By herg

February 07, 2012

9 years ago

My earliest pinball memory is Haunted House. My uncle worked as an operator, and he stored HH in my grandmother's garage for a while. I played it way more than the arcade games that he left there.

Fast forward about 10 years, and was playing a lot of computer simulations: Looney Labyrinth, Pro Pinball, etc, and never thought it was possible to own a real machine.

I went bowling with friends, then totally ignored them while I played the TZ that was there. I was hooked. About a year later, I bought one. I have since completely rebuilt it twice, including a professional touchup/clearcoat of the playfield. It was my only machine for about 12 years, until the bug caught again.

I now own 6 machines, and I'm passing on the obsession to friends and family.

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9 years ago

Yep that's how it happens, you get one pin and no matter how much you fight it they just start to multiply!

9 years ago

Haunted house is the one that got me going, too. I played a few others before but can't remeber what they were!

9 years ago

HH was a fun pin back in the day. Played one a few years ago that I thought about buying but it didn't hold that magic that it once had for me. If one popped up for a good price I would probably snag it up though.

9 years ago

Thanks for spreading the silverball disease herg! I am now terminal... : P

9 years ago

Cool, I never saw HH till I was an adult. However I did play BH back in the day, remember it well!

9 years ago

Great collection I know just what you mean about spreading the obsession to friends and family.

9 years ago

kind of crazy how these machines we played years ago now call out to us

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