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9 years ago
A real surprise. Great playfield layout with great use of real estate. There's so much going on it feels like a widebody to me. Decent sound with great dots too. If you can appreciate the cheesiness of the theme you will likely love this game.
9 years ago
This machine drove me nuts. I wanted one for a year and I played it on location a few times and liked it a lot. I considered it a "grail" of mine. I found one at a great price and jumped on it immediately. I got it home and within 2 weeks I wanted it gone. I was not having any fun playing it all. The sounds began to irritate me. I found the rules boring and the video modes made me want to jump off a bridge. I would purposefully fail the video modes just to get them over with. The 2.0 home roms were installed. I found TOTAN in the home environment much more enjoyable.
10 years ago
Played one on location. I didn't really dig it. The artwork was good but it was a turn off for me. I just didn't really have fun playing it.
10 years ago
Played one yesterday when I went to play a MB that ended up not being functional. Dark game, didn't care for the humor (even though think the show is hilarious) . Just not my cup of tea. Good execution regarding the toys though.