A Cold December 1997


December 29, 2008

13 years ago

In a break room at an oil refinery a co -worker who never read the ‘sports’ part of the newspaper was reading it -very odd. Like clockwork and on cue he would often walk by everyday and say -

“Sports? I’ll tell you exactly what’s in there - ½ the teams won and ½ the teams lost” I got this from him every day at 9am but today he was reading ‘sports’ and turned to me and said

“you know it says that an arcade auction is going down near by with anything related to coin -op.”

Sat. morning we found ourselves at said auction they had a lot of stuff and a lot of junk (read crap)

I found myself drawn by a Bally Nitro Ground Shaker in fact after taking a step back we saw more and more people were into this ‘pin’ then the others. I thought this one is for me and the bidding started .

It was fast talking and moved quickly I was shell- shocked ! I had never been to an auction before.

I didn’t raise my #23 and someone went home with N.G.S. for $380. Also what still haunts was this old Midway Sea -Wolf vid that went for $105. Bigger then a fridge but what a cool sonar report that stayed on during the bidding, I remember as a kid playing that Submarine game.

For the next two or three weeks my buddy ken didn’t let me forget how I punked myself out at my first auction he even drew a pic of me on a wall with a #23 card shaken like a leaf !

But then another auction came up deep in South Jersey I would have my revenge and Ken would witness it.

Rented a big van from Sears and took along $2000 in cash , on the way down I boasted -

“I’m going in heavy ! Gona fill this van with 5 pinball machines, Yeah!”

We got there and it was a disaster only about 15 or maybe 20 ‘pins’ up for bid and none I really wanted.

I had to come home with something, Two machines caught my eye one was a Stern with some kind of ‘Neptune' theme might have been Trident ? The other was a talking pin with a Red Devil on it.

The Red Devil turned out to be ‘Gorgar’ and it played well and the Stern one didn’t work at all.

It was Gorgar or nothing we went across the street to find dinner before the bidding,

when we got back a ton of people were now there and Gorgar was drawing a large crowd.

But somehow Gorgar wouldn't start it had broke in less then 30 minutes! It would let out a weird electro -Bllaaaw sound.

My buddy Ken said 'Look everyone is into that pin its drawing people to it and we know it works because it played for us -has to be something real simple?'

The bidding started and I waited till it came to Gorgar the Auctioneer barked out a price and no one bit,

He loward his price and one guy jumped in after a few seconds of fast talking I jumped in and raised my card playing it off like I do auctions all the time , It went past my bid and then he pointed -

“Sold to #55 -$400” and that was me .

1979 Gorgar the first talking pinball machine I latter found out, came home with me that cold Dec. night. That Bllaaaw sound? it was the 'tilt' inside the coin door you know the ball that rolls on the incline plane? was jammed closed.

I learned the hard way about ‘pins’ on Gorgar and still have it in my collection 10 years latter.

-Gorgar Speaks!

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13 years ago

Cool story. Nice find for a first pin.

13 years ago

Thanks man,
I remember the next day looking at Gorgar thinking
"what have I brought home? -an ugly red devil " but it's a great game,
We played the hell out of that red devil the 1st winter every night was a big party and when the snows came and shut the towns down it was
-coffee and Gorgar all day!

13 years ago

For the first ever talking pinball it didn't have good grammar! LOL! ME will this and ME GORGAR.....just jokes of course! But, truly an awesome pinball and a piece of history! d-deh.......d-deh.....d-deh....do you hear that? sounds like a heartbeat!?!?!?

13 years ago

Ha Ha Ha
yeah the heart beat on Gorgar I've seen it punk out a few players over the years, Gorgar's beat starts thumpin loud and they start playing faster until drain- o.
Thats why I feel williams ruled the 80s in pinball something as simple as a heart beat and 6 words in a Sys3 board -and still fun today- thanks jbscar

12 years ago

Good Story

12 years ago

Well played my man-- eat that Ken! LOL! Man, wish I coulda got that kinda deal on my Gorgar... I payed nearly what you paid for your machine, just on shipping-- ZING!

12 years ago

Thanks guys- Gorgar's a great pin to start with but auctions can be tricky.
I ended up getting a brand new reproduction backglass out of CA for about $300 a few years ago. early Wms. SS pins are less complex to work on then the sys 11s that came latter.

10 years ago

r u still wanting a check mate pinball?

10 years ago

sorry getting back to you so late coalyard - email sent

10 years ago

Killer Story , I had Gorgar in my Garage ( 1-Tyme ) For 3-day's i would walk in & out and see the Devil.. I had to get Rid of it.. I Have Alot of Devil in me, but that Pin Had to Go.. Freaked my wife out something Fearse . So you work @ an Oil Refinery,, Interesting..

10 years ago

sorta the same feeling BR when gorgar sat in the living room the 1st night and the red devil just looked back at me............

10 years ago

Can't wait for my first auction, this story really makes me want to play Gorgar. I just joined today and I'm seeing HELLODEADCITY's posts everywhere! cheers.

10 years ago

Great story, I love my Gorgar

10 years ago

thanks guys -for almost ten years it was Gorgar and Black Knight 2000 side by side both pins got such a good workout
-Wms pins of that era kicked serious 'A'

10 years ago

Great story!

10 years ago

I enjoyed reading this story. :)

10 years ago

Good story enjoyed it. Ty

9 years ago

Enjoyed you're story!

9 years ago

Great Story. I will have to find one and play it now.

9 years ago

Never a big fan of Gorgar untill i played one a friend had that was in perfect shape. Now I want one. Good story.

5 years ago

That's awesome! What a story, got a little of the devil in ya! :b

4 years ago

And then today the Red Devil and I parted ways

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