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7 years ago
Lots of really good shots. Simple yet very gratifying upper playfield. Overall just a fun pin to play either if you're just banging the ball around or trying to get deep into the rule set. It does help to be a Simpsons fan but apparently not too big of a fan or you'll pick it apart for accuracies.
7 years ago
This is a very fun pin to play. I wish people would stop comparing it to the Williams version which is a top 10 pin of all time. This is the only reason that I can come up with why it doesn't rank very well. The 8 ball multiball that dumps them onto the pf out of the ark is awesome. There is a great theme, great music, and great rules and while it is not an impossibly hard pin, it is very entertaining to play especially once you know the full ruleset. People who think it is repetitive may not understand the full ruleset and timed target sessions. May not be for the pro pin player, but for good players, family setting, and kids it is a huge hit.
7 years ago
Pretty simple ruleset but still fun. A good shooters game where 3 sets of drop targets are the main focus. Sounds are very good with the ocean background noise. Play is very fast for a pin of this era. Pretty rare pin and would recommend owning.
8 years ago
This is a very addicting game especially for semi-skilled players. It probably should be a little higher rated but I think the expert players may be getting a little bored. It will keep you coming back for more and is not overly complicated with straight forward progression but will get your blood pumping.
8 years ago
A great pin and should be rated higher. Lots of things to do and different directions with plenty of variation. Flow is good and fun for all ages.
8 years ago
A top 3 game of all time on my list that will please all players. However, it can't be appreciated until you put some time into playing this. Seen several people not be impressed with it until they owned it and got further into it but have not seen many owners that want to sell theirs even with tons of them out there and the high prices that these pins demand.
8 years ago
A classic and changed the industry! A game that resonates well with most players of all levels. Very fun and still complicated enough to keep skilled players entertained. Can be had a low prices but nice condition PF ones are hard to find due to people have always loved to just play this pin.
8 years ago
A very good game with a huge fun factor and great for all ages. If this had multiball it would be a top 25 game but still very challenging with a good scoring system.
8 years ago
One of the best bang for your buck machines out there for a DMD. The progression is quite deep with many levels and is definitely a "shooters" game with very specific point for target values as well as many timed target sessions to achieve different goals. Flow is good with only short breaks when balls are caught and no repetitive looping. The multiball is nice and simple to achieve. The animations on the DMD are outstanding and frequent with scenes of actual soccer action(some of the best of any pin). People who rate this pin as boring must not fully understand the rules and strategy which is a 5 page document. This should not be compared to World Cup Soccer as the games are very different. This is a little more old school feel where a premium is put on being accurate but with the newer theatrics look. The soccer player in the back that kicks the ball in the goal is a little gimmicky and not interactive but still a nice off PF touch. This is a pin that if you just walk up and play it for 5 minutes knowing nothing about that you may be disappointed but if you take the time to play it longer and proceed through the levels that it becomes quite challenging and entertaining even for the very skilled players. Not saying it is a world class pin but for half the price of most DMD pins it is as good or better than many.