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4 years ago
I picked up a premium a little while ago after playing both several times. I feel that this is one of sterns greatest releases in quite a while. I really enjoy the shot layout and find it to be fast and very fun, but also demanding of some good shooting. I like the use of the newton balls, although I wish they would come up with a better design as I’ve already had to adjust mine. I am just getting into the rules and this keeps me coming back for that “just one more game”and that feeling is great. I think this game will have lastability in peoples collections.

I was never an Iron Maiden mega fan but have really felt myself getting into their music more now then when I was younger . Even if you don’t like them the music really gets your blood pumping during game play.
6 years ago
I am amazed at how many people don't like this pin, I love it. I think the shots and layout are great. The games artwork is beautifully done. There is definitely that one more game feeling with this at least for me. The theme is fantastic and other than some minor tweaking that should have been dealt with at the factory the game is great. It is unfortunate about all the playfield issues stern is having as I believe this will tarnish the games overall image.
I played the pro a bunch before buying a LE and it is just so much better than the pro and am still happy with my decision. The magna slings are worth the extra alone, a real game changer, along with the other upgrades on the premium and LE. Another game I don't see going anywhere anytime soon
My only hope is they get the code more updated as time goes on as the potential to get even better is there.
6 years ago
I played this on location and loved it, then I bought a huo copy and it just got old quick. It has good gameplay I couldn't stand some of the sounds and call outs. Layout was good and flow seemed good too I just got bored of it fast. Still a fun game to play once in a while but didn't last in my small collection.
6 years ago
I have owned this game for a few years now and it is still a favorite here. I loved the movies and wanted this game for a while. I really don't have any negative things to say about the game. gameplay is great and I love the play field layout. People say it is a long game but I'm not that great of a player so my games are never too long for me. I think they really nailed the theme to game play you feel like your really involved.
If you have the chance to own it I highly recommend it
7 years ago
Overall this is a great pin. My poor pinball skills lend to quicker games but it is still a blast. I really like the diversity of shots and have a love hate for the tnt targets, they are so damn tempting.
My biggest complaint about the playfield is the lack of view of the right out lanes but you get used to it. The light show is fantastic. Definitely a fun game to have and everybody love to play it.
8 years ago
I absolutely love this game. I played the pro a bunch and was going to go nib and at the last minute ponied up for a Huo premium monsters. I couldn't be happier. The game is fast and fun with some great shots and can be very unforgiving if your not careful. I think the playfield layout is fantastic with all the different levels of shots. I've seen some people say they don't like the hammer but it really is not bad at all and how could you not love a hammer smashing balls through the playfield. I'm still learning all the rules but man this one is a winner in my book. I think this will go down in history as a top ten pin.
10 years ago
I have owned this for a few months and its a fun overall game. Not a super deep rule set, but has a nice flow. I like all the toys, and multiball lets you rack some points. Back glass is so so but you don't play that. The playfield setup is real good IMO. it has enough to keep you coming back for more.
10 years ago
Really like laser war. It has a good rule set and playfield is set up nice. It has a good flow in my opinion, some shots are a little harder and some are easier. The light show is awesome.sounds are pretty good. The kids love this one. The back glass screams the 80's. Overall I really enjoy this game and I'm surprised it is rated so low on the list.

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