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1 year ago
Ghostbusters is a dream theme for me. I want to like this game so bad. Its got a lot going for it. Tons of shots, great artwork, fun callouts but I don't think I've ever played a more infuriating/frustrating game. So many unfair and BS drains. Airballs everywhere. I have only played without any mods so maybe with some of the mods that cut down on cheap drains and airballs its a more enjoyable experience. The flipper gap sucks but its not the main deal breaker. Its more the outlanes. Ball bounces off the metal post in the middle and goes to the outlane, shoot a scolari brother and the ball shoots back at mach speed (sometimes not even knocking the target down somehow) and drains in the outlane, Magna slings grab the ball and just loop it up and over to the outlane, ect. You get to multiball and its like 20 supernova's going off directly into your retinas and you drain all your balls because you can't see or some other BS happens. Just a lot of very short ball times, or if you do have a decent ball going something beyond your control happens and you lose it.

The amount of shots on the game is crazy, but some are very hard to hit because of the sheer amount of them. Its OK, I just wanted GB to be better. I'm hoping if I keep dumping money into it it'll eventually grow on me, but so far its been nothing but me disliking it more and more.
1 year ago
This game surprised me. Its actually pretty darn good. Music kind of sucks, sound FX are OK. The screeching bugs really seem to annoy some people but its not that bad. Good rules, kill the bugs by shooting their corresponding colored targets. A few different multiball modes. Deeper game than most people realize! Smooth ramps. The 3rd flipper is actually pretty neat. Truly an under appreciated game, and one of the best (probably the best) Sega game I have played so far.
2 years ago
One of my favorites. Pretty shallow rules but I really don't mind. Its easy for a beginner to play and understand and it remains fun for experienced players. Shoot loops and raise your RPM so you can shift gears. Simple but effective. Supercharger is a fun toy too. Artwork isn't bad but its not great either. Newer games have really raised the bar in this aspect or it could be rated a bit higher. Cool lights and sounds. La Grange is fun to hear but it would be nice to have a bit more variety. I just like this game a lot. You can walk up and have a good time no matter what. Excellent bang for your buck pinball purchase as well.
5 years ago
Cool and fun game but nothing exceptional about it. Kind of a funky layout but I think thats what makes it an interesting game. Its much more enjoyable to play than I expected. Artwork is really cool, and nice light show for the period too! Sound effects are above average but not great, music (or lack thereof) is typical for its age, I've heard worse though. Overall, its a solid and enjoyable pin, but I wouldn't want it to be my only game.
7 years ago
I've owned this game for over a year now but only recently got it running. Its a very nice low plays HOU example. Its still got all the original capcom parts in it and nice and tight. Basically plays about as good as it can get (I just put all new rubbers on as well). So what do I think of the game? Its very good, if not excellent!

Gameplay: Everybody complains about the linear nature of the game, which is true to some extent although it doesn't bug me very much. With so many tricks to complete its very difficult to actually get through them all, like REALLY hard. Yeah I wish it had a little more variety but its good and shouldn't steer you away from the game.

The flippers are very snappy and feel great. The shots are nice and smooth and satisfying. The loop is super fast both ways, and the ramp is a fun shot when you see the ball ride the wand or even when it diverts the ball to the other side. Speaking of the wand, its awesome! This game has amazing toys. The levitating ball is one of the coolest toys in pinball if you ask me. Overall a really fun game to play, I think it deserves a higher rating than it has, but don't expect the best game of all time either. Also its worth mentioning that this game has awesome lighting effects! Some modes are dark, some modes are dazzling, and some of the tricks the game can do with the lights are downright amazing. A+ for lighting effects!

The speakers in this game crank! Really good sound quality and a ton of bass! As for the music itself, its allright. I think its one of the weaker spots in the game personally. The main music score is dark and brooding. Its not annoying and it goes with the theme, but its just ok. It does its job without being a nuisance but its nothing catchy or memorable. Theres not a lot of other music in the game which is unfortunate. I do really like the rag time song it plays in certain modes however! General sound effects are very good however!

Art: Yes, sadly there is a lot of blank red open space on the playfield. Kind of boring and a let down. The art that is there however, is really cool. I think the faces are only average but everything else looks awesome. Plus theres some really cool stuff hidden away. There's a guy pooping out swords in the upper right hand corner!! I also like the little guy running off with the plans for pinball magic who might just be reporting back to "big bad willie" (williams). The game is really chock full of little easter eggs like that which is super cool I think, and IMO makes up for quite a bit of the space left artless.

Overall, this game is excellent. I highly recommend spending some time with one! You'll have a good time and its a different experience than you get with any other brand of machine. Its too bad Capcom's time in the pinball market was so short!