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2 years ago
What an awesome game!! I've updated my initial rating twice now as new codes make the game better and better. A keeper in our house
2 years ago
After buying a few new games, I picked this up and just keep playing. Nice to get back to simpler, more straightforward rules. Think this one is here for the long haul.
2 years ago
Just picked one up. Dont know yet if it's a keeper, but is fun change of pace
2 years ago
Wasn't sure I'd like this as never watched the show, so I bought a pro. Very awesome pin, sounds fantastic hooked to a polk woofer. That's the first mod to do. Never played a prem so cant compare, but really like this game
2 years ago
Fun game, only real difference between games is color dmd, better speakers and figures. none of that affects game play so this version is great
4 years ago
Fun game, mine is all led, so plenty bright. Love the shaker motor, and the many multi ball options. Don't hate it cuz u don't like Harleys, everyone who plays it here loves it!!
4 years ago
Game gets a bad rap. Play it and you will love it!