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5 years ago
One of the best system 11's and one of the best games of all time. Family friendly and cheap to buy and all around a blast to play. Pat Lawlor classic!
Find one to play or buy right away!
5 years ago
Needed JD to do the voices not a voice actor. It killed the game for me. Nice layout and killer toys though. Fun game for kids!
5 years ago
Very underrated game. Needs the pinbits dead world mod installed on every one out there and its one of the most entertaining games to play.
5 years ago
Fun play but the call outs are terrible. And the art is somewhat uninspired....play one lots before you buy as it just may annoy you to the point of not wanting it. Seems to be one of the best 'sounding' games out there though well besides the call outs.
5 years ago
Tons of fun , lots of humor and a general great game to play. Shaker is implemented very well in this game! Just a blast to play. lol
5 years ago
If you are a fan of the show. You will love this game! A Pat Lawlor Classic! A laugh riot for the whole family!
5 years ago
What can you say about TZ What a game. Best widebody pin made. DCS sound would have been awesome but game is amazing right out of the gate as is. If you like to tinker and mod...this is the game for you....The most toys period. Highly recommend.
5 years ago
Bar none it is the 'holy grail' of pinball machines. A great time had by all who play. It has it all in every category. Find one while you can if you can. Most are snapped up by collectors. One of...... if not the best game ever made!