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3 years ago
after updates this is a true classic.
3 years ago
should be in the top 5 in my opinion.
3 years ago
After playing on this machine for awhile it is truly one of the best games ever.
6 years ago
Did not quite live up to all the hype, but still fun to play.Just not epic.
6 years ago
LED lighting really makes this game better and as far as rock band machines go this one is still better than most not including ACDC.
6 years ago
underwhelming pretty average for a newer game
6 years ago
Fun game a little over rated and priced capcom pinball a much better value
6 years ago
like scared stiff, and monster bash they got it right when blending pinball and Hollywood. True pinball game play with a timeless them.
6 years ago
simply one of the best ever.
6 years ago
After getting to know this game better it is one of only two sterns on par with the 90s Williams A title games.
6 years ago
Fun to play, great for party room.
6 years ago
Simply one of the most fun games ever.
6 years ago
Great theme, great game !
6 years ago
One of the most under rated Bally games.Theme is great, play is fun and the cannon and return is one of the best toys ever put in any machine!