New to the Scene in Chattanooga

By hauntedpinballer

March 02, 2015

7 years ago

In the fall of 2014 while living in Louisville, KY, I started to really become interested in pinball. I was born in 1974 and grew up in arcades, but had always been a video game guy. While in North Carolina from 2007-2012, I spent some time at an independent video game retailer in Greensboro. He would rotate arcade games and pinball machines in and out of his establishment, and that was the first time I looked up and paid attention to the state of the pinball world. The technology of tables like Creature from the Black Lagoon and Indiana Jones made me pay attention, but not enough to want to learn more.


While in Louisville, my interest grew primarily due to newspaper articles about a rebirth in popularity and concerning a vendor nearby in Indiana. The Pinball Arcade simulation on the PlayStation 4 is amazing, and introduced me to a number of historic tables. I moved to Chattanooga in November of 2014 and found another vendor of machines, which also sparked my interest.


However, it was a trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in early February 2015 that cemented my desire to learn and play more tables. My intention is to own multiple tables, though I'm short on space in my current residence. Am interested in forming a club to serve the Chattanooga/North Georgia/North Alabama area to allow me to learn from veterans, fellowship with others with shared interest, travel together to shows, etc... Looking to buy a Haunted House machine to refurbish into a pristine model, then move on to one of the Elvira machines. However, would be interested in forming an organization that would refurbish machines for use in museums, etc...

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7 years ago

An organization to restore machines sounds awesome. The Pinball Hall of Fame is awesome so many pins to play! Good luck on starting the group. Perhaps you could start a thread on it to see if anyone else may be interested in your area.

7 years ago

That's good advice, I'll work on doing just that! My plan is to post flyers at the shop of the local vendor and put the word out via social media. I'll start a thread and see what happens! Thanks!

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