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8 months ago
I picked this game up recently for $2500 and instantly it’s become my favorite game, I love working on it and all the mechs its so much fun, the artwork on the cabinet is flawless, it looks so amazing. I love the lights that fade up and down and when you start a game they all turn on it’s just so awesome to look at it just makes me want to keep playing, the wand is a super a super awesome toy which blew me away when I used it, I love multi ball with the chest and the jackpots are so satisfying. The skill shot is pretty easy and fun but I love just shooting the ball all the way through the loop and around the orbit, it’s just soooo cool. This game has some awesome toys and in my opinion it’s more fun than theatre of magic, this game is just so addicting and fun and deserves to be higher in the pinball too 100 at least in the 20s
9 months ago
I finnaly got one in my collection and I gotta say this game is AMAZING
9 months ago
This game is incredibly underrated. I have mine with mirror blades and pinstadium and it is beautiful and is incredibly fun to play