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3 years ago
I picked this up based on the fact it was a John Trudeau design. I found it very fun to play. I liked the rules and the multi-ball was a challenge to get and hard to keep going. Def want to get as the triple scoring during multi allows some good scores to be racked up.
4 years ago
At 1st I didn't like this pin. but after changing my mind set and realizing it is a catch and shoot primarily, I have changed my mind and find it pretty decent.

I love the t-rex and eating the pinball, like seeing peoples expression the 1st time it happens. The rule set is decent and has enough to keep you busy. I like all of the chances of multi-ball and getting 6 going at once is fun.
5 years ago
This is the earliest SS in my collection. the rules are simple. but the game play is very challenging. It is hard to get a good high score as it can play very fast and drain brutally. I have had some really good players onit and their scores are high, but not over the top. It is th pin I play when I only have 5-10 mins to waste. I love the Egyptian theme and the are work is decent.
5 years ago
My 1st wide body. I like this one a lot.

pretty much all about the multi-ball. And it is a challenge to get it. But pretty satisfying. Also I love the ball walker and everyone that has come over gets a kick out of it.
5 years ago
it is a drop target bonanza. 4 banks of 3. I get a kick out of explaining the rules on this one to new people trying it out. it is def one of the more complicated rule sets for an early Pin that I have played. I love the artwork, even though the wife had me put on some pasties for the back glass for a more family friendly environment.
5 years ago
My 1st one into the collection. I keep coming back to it. yes the rules are simple and the gameplay is pretty straight forward. But it is still a ton of fun to play.
5 years ago
This is a very fun pin. I love how open it is on the rule set so you can go for what you want. And I love the call outs, well except for Amy, that is a little annoying.
5 years ago
This is my 1st NIB. I'm glad I waited. Classic Ritchie with the flow. Once you get in the groove it just keeps rolling and rolling. I got the premium as I didn't need the extra bling as well as wanting the little extra that came with it over the pro. Also I liked the cabinet artwork way more then the LE and pro. The Translight could have used some extra work, but can live with it.

The lighting is great, makes going back to my older pins a little dark and bleary.

As it stands the rules are good, even if they never updated it again it is still playable and enjoyable. Not half done feeling like MET.

Over all I love this do not see my self getting bored or tired of this in the future as it stands. I'm hoping that with the Karl pac it will tip it way over the top.