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27 days ago
Code 0.95
6 months ago
Stern best by far. There's more to come as far as a Run to the Hills mode etc and this game kicks serious ass.
11 months ago
Code 0.65 is horrible code 0.72 is horrible as well. 0.80 code still stinks.

They took Aerosmith rules and code and copied it to this game. The issue is Aerosmith code worked because of the music. No one wants to hear people recreating the audio via lousy dialog recreation.

I bought this one and currently regret it.

My advice is to avoid it at all costs.

Updated on 0.85. This game just fails on all cylinders for me. If you look at my other ratings they are all pretty solid as I usually find something to like in any game, but this particular game I just hate. I think its the code, but it feels stale and boring.
11 months ago
TNA is retro meets new and it's a first of its kind.
1 year ago
Had to pay at least 20 games to warm up to the game and theme. When it's Dialed In it shoots phenomenal. Code is great. Top 5 pinball for sure. Would be 1 if theme and callous were better.
1 year ago
This game is like a Bally Williams on steroids. The theme is fantastic and the toys are awesome. Wish the music from the film would have made it with vocals.
2 years ago
Incomplete pos.
2 years ago
Love the rules. I've been playing daily for months.
3 years ago
look, this gets better ratings in regards to my expectations. Its a small company that made a tremendously fun to play game. I like the voices and after about 15 hours my rating is a solid 9. I do wish some of the little issues would get fixed, but I'm sure they will be ironed out as more people get the game.
4 years ago
On code V 1.01

I'm liking this game a lot. It can be brutally fast and shoots a bit different. the loop shots are great for practicing catching and other skills. So far, my opinion is that Mustang is a great pin to hone your skills.

Lighting is incredible. Game is a solid B or B+. Code may push it to A-, but it is lacking a true "toy" to make it a solid A game
4 years ago
Great out of the box and only going to get better
5 years ago
Code is early and my high ratings are based on the fact that this is the "best" early code from Stern we have seen in awhile. I did rate the rules and scoring 3 out of 6 because its not there yet and fun 4 out 6 because everything else about this machine rocks
5 years ago
Meh Recycled everything that works well on this one :)
5 years ago
Played this several times and I think it has potential to be better with code. I do agree though that the shot layout is lacking and the flow is slow. I hope JJP learns from this and does a much better job with the Hobbit. I love the look and build quality. Artwork, Backglass and cabinet all get 5 out of 5.
5 years ago
So far so good. Have a LE and love the gameplay. its different than anything else I've ever played. Code is V 1.2 and is already very deep.

Cons: Plastics feel cheap and ball gets stuck under Hulk's arms quite a bit
6 years ago
game is very poor. It takes 10 seconds for the ball to even come out. The cheesey countdown till you get ball 1 kills the game for me. Shots are alright.
6 years ago
This game is just unique. It is very difficult to master and quite addictive. If you play it spend at least 3 games on it and you'll start to love it
6 years ago
I like the inverted flipper for the ramp shot. The machine plays pretty well and the flipper makes it different.
6 years ago
After playing a dialed in restored Goldeneye I can say this game is way underrated. It deserves top 50. I do not like most Sega games though this is by far the exception! Fun as hell with great flow and a boat load of toys and gagets. Pop up ramp, moving satellite, moving ramp flap, 3 full ramps with exits to locks and other stuff. WOW!!!!
6 years ago
V 1.3 This is now a B- game. Still needs more code changes to make it more fun
6 years ago
dig the toys though this game is really stop and go. I like the boat and safe as I think they are neat.

Set up right this game is awesome. On location the safe is usually broken or half works. If you play a nice one set up steep this thing actually flows
6 years ago
Fun game. Plays like a lot of Gomez titles though I love the Crane
6 years ago
The Arc opening is cool. I played 1 game and got over 100 million and played for 20 + minutes. the game is fun though I cannot see this one being in a home collection of a few games as it seemed to have a lot of stop and go.
6 years ago
This game is cheesey and it somehow grows on you. Lots to do to construct your robot. The ramps and translite are horrible looking and make me want to own it
6 years ago
Getting a multi ball is quite a challenge. In its time this game was awesome. Its still a very fun pin the lower left drain and pop pumber make it very hard to cradle on the left flipper which is quite strange.
6 years ago
Great game. The shot call outs really force you to make your shot and become a more skilled player

This is by far the deepest game ever. I played and finally got to Optimus prime completing all of the autobots and then I got some super jackpots and it wanted me to defeat all the decepticons. My game was already approaching 30 minutes and it seems like I'd need another 20 minutes to beat the other side then who knows how to get to "The Battle Of Cybertron"

Anyone giving this game a rating of less than 7.5 is wrong. This is definitely a top 20 game and people are purposely slamming it to pull it down
6 years ago
Played both and the LE is a better game. It does not deserve to be #1 on Pinside. Its Top 5 for sure MM, TZ are better games IMO. Only flaw on this game is the chrome Stern used on these games is poor quality

Tron is a glorified Funhouse with DMD and a neat spinning disc. If you like Funhouse then I would think you would love Tron

I must second the statement "Just one more game" the game is so random at times that you can have a killer 20 minute game and then play again and be done within a couple of minutes. There are several days were I play Tron and then "Just one more game" it until I get my 10 plus minute game.
6 years ago
Look. This game is fantastic maybe not #1 fantastic or maybe it is. You people rating this below a 7 really need to get it in check. This pin is fast and fun and rightfully deserves a top 10. It is simply amazing all around. I rated 10.0 as I do not think I could ask for anything else in a game. I have AFM, TZ, Tron. I plan on re rating in about 3 months when games typically become a bit stale and after WOZ.

For anyone rating this below a 7 please tell me which games are that much better than this.
6 years ago
Great horror title. Nice flow and amazing sound. Light show is top notch. Only real complaint is the original flippers are a bit clunky and the wood the paint is flaky. This should rightfully be in the top 50.
6 years ago
Prefer Cyclone as this is clearly a rehash of that one. The shots are simple except the dunk the dummy which can result in a drain. Would not own it though I do not hate to play it when I see it out somewhere
6 years ago
Great game that moves very very fast. If you are good at shots the pace is blistering. Crazy bobs and the glove are the only things that slow this game down. It is very unique and fast. I finally got one for at home and am enjoying everything except for the mini game as I think this is lame. I love the Funhouse reference and the easter eggs are really fantastic. I think like many others if this were a matrix themed pin it would be a top 20.
6 years ago
Like the flipper diverter and the moving skull head on top of the machine. This is the closests thing to a Ghostbusters game ever made
7 years ago
Played for two hours and though the game is rather fun it feels like something is missing. I'm sure a software update will help, but the game as is Nov 2011 feels unfinished seems too much is focused on shooting Optimus Prime. Plus the left side ramp seems like something is missing. I think the game is fun as is, but can certainly be improved. Maybe the LE will have a more complete feel to it.

ADDED MORE POINTS FOR THE LE. THIS GAME WOULD BE TOP 25 IF THE BALL DID NOT GET STUCK AROUND THE PF. The V1.5 Software is great and the numerous modes are fantastic with shot call outs, bonuses etc.., a somewhat complex rule set. I'd put this one below Tron and Iron Man though above POTC.
7 years ago
What can I say. I played one at a show and hated it then I played one set up properly and damn this is an overlooked gem. Game is very deep 16 drop targets and it forces you to be accurate with shots if you want lots of points
7 years ago
Game is gorgeous but it is dated and very slow.
7 years ago
Great fast game. Biggest complaint is that the scoring is way out of hand.
7 years ago
This is not a pinball, but quite fun.
7 years ago
What can I say. Its Iron Man light but makes me laugh
7 years ago
Great game. It is definitely a top 10 game with the home roms. Great flow and shots are fun. Not much stop and go.
7 years ago
Played this a few times and have to say my rating are based that there is really no other game like this one. The theme is cool and the ramp lifting to reveal a secret hideout was awesome. Seems a little incomplete but there were only 9 made. Might be this when they remake them.
7 years ago
Great game but I bit too easy. Great for kids and novices.
7 years ago
Wow started off thinking this was okay, but after about 20 plays I started to really like this. The DMD animation scenes are just not good, however the game has the ability to grow on you. I played this while I was on vacation every day for 4 days and now want to own one. I think this has tremendous potential if you install a sub woofer and install lights on the ramps. I also think future software upgrades and a shaker motor might put this game in the top 20. New software made me revise rating. DMD is now awesome.
7 years ago
Brutal on the drains and center war machine shot. I plan on playing a lot more to try to advance. The dmd looks bad at times.
7 years ago
Game gets old pretty quickly. Very fun at first then it just gets old
7 years ago
One ramp and so so gameplay. This was sitting next to an Iron Man which was far better in all aspects.
7 years ago
Pretty fun game. Kids like it can get long ball times which can be fun. Setting this one with a high angle helps the flow quite a bit.
7 years ago
Great game from Stern. The flow is good, but can it can also be stop and go depending on how you play it. I like Tron's flow a little better, but Spiderman is just cool.
7 years ago
The drains keep the rating down a little bit. This game has a nice wide play field and some tough shots the 3rd ramp by the flipper is a challenge. Some very hard shots but the game play can also feel slow at times. It all depends on skill. If you like Star Trek then you will love this game
7 years ago
Absolutely fantastic and unconventional game. It is very different from the majority of games out there. The game can be stop and go at times, but there are just so many cool thins to look at. this game is just a pure piece of art. My only complaint is I wish the game play were a bit faster. I guess that is why this should not be the only game you buy if you can only buy one. Oh and the Dot Matrix in the play field is really cool.

This is a game that should have LEDs installed. Oh and the prototype with Tickle Me by the ringmaster is pretty cool
7 years ago
Ball going around and around is pretty cool. Other than that played 5 games in a row and was very bored at game 3. Indy 500 is a way better race theme game!!
7 years ago
Gets my vote for the worst Back Glass of any Stern title. Game is so-so with some challenging shots, but after about 5 plays It lost my interest. I just did not like the flow, but some of the wire ramps are cool. Why they did not make some sort of spiral ramp I do not know.
7 years ago
I owned it for three months, typical Jpoop game. Just not a fan.
7 years ago
Great challenging game. The center ramp is difficult to master. This is probably Sterns greatest game so far. Game is still fun after you get through Destroy the ring. Epic ball times
7 years ago
I don't know. The cab is horrid, but the speed and ramp shots are fantastic. Very fast game with 4 multiball modes. This is a great ramp game!!
7 years ago
Just does not get old. I played this almost 20 years ago and now own one as of this year. I sure hope another game will someday rival this one. Hopefully, Tron will be a contender. The back panel and clock are my only complaints that keep this from a 10.
7 years ago
Love the 3 levels and 4 flippers. I want one of these, but they are so hard to find and compared to newer games not as exciting. Definitely one of my fav non DMD game. Changed rating as Blackhole is superior
7 years ago
Fun game though the play field feels a bit clunky. The actual switches are a bit strange and I'm not sure what real purpose the center magnet at the back of the PF really does. Seems just shy of a really great game. I like the third flipper and top notch video and sounds. I think this game is just missing something to be a top 50.
7 years ago
This is a remake of WW.
7 years ago
not deep but lots of fun when set up properly
7 years ago
Fun game, but becomes repetitious and easy.
7 years ago
This game is just lacking replay value. I played it for about 30 minutes and was bored. Some of the DMD animations and games are great. The multi ball is fun, but besides that it just seems a bit dull. I'd give a C+ for originality.
7 years ago
This game is a blast to play when working properly. The crane is fun and the game play is fast enough to keep you from getting bored. Overall I really like the pace of the game, but the movie was crap and the the cabinet and back glass should be better.
7 years ago
Stern created a great pinball game. The only negative comment is that the game roms need to be updated to version 5 or there are a lot of issues. Also the earlier versions have a couch weld assembly that needs replaced. This is a very solid pin with a very deep rule set. I do wish it were a little less stop and go.

Changed rating as I bought a second one
7 years ago
With some mods this games plays and looks fantastic! Great game with average speed.

Game is easy after owning for 3 weeks. No real wizard mode etc