Retired Plumber

By Hangman57

March 11, 2017

5 years ago

15 years ago was in the bar playing pin ball for hours just like i did when i was kid, only difference was i didn't need to steal quarters from my dad or from the coin collection,  i have a job. So drunk as a skunk i came home got on the internet and bought two pinball machines Robo War and Genesis when they arrived i was ecstatic could not wait to put them together and fire them up oh ya baby..  well it was done both worked no problems for a few years then Genesis died no reason, and at the time i did not have time to even look at it.  Then Robowar started acting up not long after that, well kept Robo War running by moving wires putting in pieces of card board between connectors till it finally quit. So both my machines been dead for about 10 yrs,  Genesis longer but anyway, getting close to retirement and work is slow so i spend more time at home than on the job, so i took apart Robo War and did the entire Ground mod, and then some, grounded every card, redid all the bulbs cleaned contacts, cleaned the glass,  Put it all back together ready to go. Turned the machine on and it booted up did the bang thunk thing and was sitting there waiting for money mmmm i thought just happened to have a couple of quarters on me, fed the machine one credit showed hit the button and low and behold she started and a ball loaded in to the shute, pulled back and triggered the game and off we went, ya hoo played for hours, didnt even notice that i had one bumper dead and the lights werent flashing the way they are suppose to.  So here we are today i rebuilt the all the bumper boards from both machines and stole aux light driver board out of the Genesis machine (didnt have all the components to rebuilt the aux light board) and Yes we are running 100% i was oh so pleased even my wife made a comment about my happiness excitement what a thing.

Being on a roll and i thought it would be a smart idea, i took the mpu out of the working Robo war and removed the game proms loaded in the Genesis proms and put the board into Genesis, it  worked, cool, no problem, except for a few cleaning issues i knew what i had to do, ordered a swemmer board and we were good, well i thought so when i put robo war back to gether i put one of the game proms in wrong and cooked it so now i am back to two dead machines, I need help but at least i am going the right direction just got to remember to think it through be for i react.. so now the thought is where do i find the game proms for Robo War..

Yes there is a happy ending to this story, both machines are up and running and doing what they are suppose to do bring enjoyment to me and my family, and when the whole family shows up at Christmas time i got something for them to do beside get in my hair or at least what there is of it.

Now the next project, i also have a 1958 Wurlizer Juke Box fully working but it needs some TLC so i think its time to go thru its circuits with fine tooth comb and see if i can get the sound quality to last longer than an hour, time to check caps.  Thats my story.......

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