My Pinball Adventure

By hanford29

May 02, 2011

8 years ago

I don't really remember any specific games from growing up. It was more the feeling of standing in front of the machine and watching the points pile up and trying to make a game last as long as possible. The first real game I remember playing was the Big Hurt. I used to come home from college for winter break and spend hours listening to "Frank Thomas does it again!" From the Big Hurt, I moved on to Congo. My first pinball crush began with Whitewater. The corner bar I spent hours at in the summers home from college had this machine. I quickly mastered the game and actually won a number of free beverages playing against other patrons Whitewater eventually became my first home machine. After setting my first high score on Whitewater and then Batman Returns (the machine next to WW at the bar), I was hooked I traveled everywhere, from the "dirt mall" to Dave and Busters. I couldn't get enough pinball. Within the past few months, my "pinball adventure" has taken the greatest turn. My 11 year old son has discovered the joy of my two machines (WW and DE Star Wars) in the basement. He can't get enough of them. He and I are currently scheming how to convince my wife it would be a good idea to get a third machine.

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8 years ago
- Good luck on the 3rd machine looks like your off to a great start with WW & SW

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