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10 years ago
It took figuring out the rules and goals on the iphone pinball arcade. Once I did and then played a real machine again, I was hooked. I was always drawn in by the theme and the look and feel of the machine, but now that I know HOW to play, it is my second favorite.
10 years ago
Santa brought Congo two years ago. It was one of my favorites from college. I was pleased to see how well it held up over time. My kids love it. It has one of the most satisfying shots, the volcano. My kids love playing it.
12 years ago
Got to play this recently for a second go-around and really enjoyed it. The first time, it didn't grab my attention, but after a second play, I was hooked. Stringing different shots together, trying to defeat the various villains, and the speed of the game make this a great play. If you get the chance do not pass.
12 years ago
Just played it for the first time at the movie theater after Pirates of the Caribean 4. I quickly got locked in. It seems like a pretty deep game with lots of fun modes.
12 years ago
One of the machines in my personal collection. Can't go wrong with the theme and the artwork. Some of the sound effects can get annoying, especially C3PO "suggesting you shoot the extra ball". The center ramp is the key to the game, making it a little overly simplified for a long lasting entertaining game. Overall very solid. The Star Wars theme definitely carries it.
12 years ago
Not bad. As a former soccer player, I find the theme enjoyable, but not terribly engaging.
12 years ago
Love the acid trip multiball
12 years ago
Lots of fun features related to training your boxer to set up the big fight. Excellent audio on the different boxers you must face. Overall a fun game that can provide lasting entertainment.
12 years ago
My all-time favorite machine. Not many machines can bring it the way WW does. From the upper playfield to the spinning big foot, to the amusing audio, this machine has it all. Great balance of fast play and makeable shots without being too easy. Hours of fun. I have owned it for over a decade and still find it one of the best ways to spend an hour after work.
12 years ago
As solid as they come. Maybe not the first game that comes to mind when rattling off your favorite list, but when someone mentions it, you quickly find a spot for it at the top of your list.
12 years ago
Definiely in my top 5. I used to play this game at a place called Qzar. I would spend hours playing. To me this is a must have for any home collection. If you come across this machine dig through your glove box to find any loose change and play for as long as you can. You will not be sorry.

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