Confessions of a 70's Pinball Addict

By HandsOfStone

March 26, 2013

9 years ago

I started playing pinball in 1977 when I was 9. I hung out at the neighborhood pool all day every summer and the rec center next door had 2 EM's. My mom gave me $2.50 every day for food and I would starve because I pumped every quarter in those machines. After realizing that I was losing weight, my mom called the rec center director, complaining that older kids must be stealing my money. He told her I was a pinball addict and was actually begging everyone for money. At my mom's request, they put up a sign that said I was not allowed to play pinball".

20 Years later, a friend found me a Bally Supersonic for $20!!!. It actually worked, and I was hooked again. I parked it at my mom's house for the first year I had it (and found out later that she played it every day).

I have bought and sold close to 20 games since that fateful day in 1997, but I still have that old Supersonic.

An old EM makes the 70's come alive for me every time I play one. Those chimes ringing and score reels spinning make me feel like a kid again.

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9 years ago

Welcome to pinside, home of GREAT em addicts

9 years ago

Good story. Thanks for sharing it. I also started playing pinball in the 70's.

9 years ago

"John Stoner is not allowed to play pinball"
Welcome to the Pinside John.

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