The Life and Times of Hamster Herder

Written by HamsterHerder on May 31st, 2012.


The Life and Times of Hamster Herder

Written by HamsterHerder, published May 31st, 2012. No comments.

Back in 1941, during WWII, I was stationed on Midway island.  Responsible for repairing the early flipper-less pinball machines that had been placed in the officers club.  I also had the added duty of keeping the desalination plant in operation for fresh water. Some joker sent out a radio broadcast in May 1942 that the desalination plant was broken.  That thing never broke down while I was there, I can promise you that.

Before the war I had been stationed at Fort Bliss Texas repairing the pinball and soda machines as well as the lone jukebox on the base.  After the war I went back to Fort Bliss and continued my previous work.  I retired when my job was contracted to outside companies.  I then worked for one of the companies that was hired and got to return to my old base and repairing equipment in the officers club.  That club was actually closed in 2009 after 90 years in operation.

I left that job in 1976 and bought my first herd of hamsters.  Everyday is good day working with them. You just can't be angry when you have those cute little fuzzy creatures around.  I am now up to 14 herds in 3 states.  My son and daughter help out with the company. I have one grandkid who has betrayed my family and taken up chinchilla herding.


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