William Zona


Leeper, PA

July 14th, 2016

December 1st, 2020

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Good friends

“I am an avid fisherman and met a new fishing friend by accident. Long story short, we became friends, and he re-introduced me to pinball. He has a small collection in his home. I always loved pinball as a kid, but often did not want to   ... continued here

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favorite games

Star Wars
1. Star Wars

Data East, 1992

Tales from the Crypt
2. Tales from the Crypt

Data East, 1993

Pat Hand
3. Pat Hand

Williams, 1975

Independence Day
4. Independence Day

Sega, 1996

Austin Powers
5. Austin Powers

Stern, 2001

Swords of Fury
6. Swords of Fury

Williams, 1988

Space Mission
7. Space Mission

Williams, 1976

Flintstones, The
8. Flintstones, The

Williams, 1994

Lethal Weapon 3
9. Lethal Weapon 3

Data East, 1992

Black Pyramid
10. Black Pyramid

Bally, 1984


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6 games listed in halffast's collection.


Williams, 1973

Night Rider EM
Night Rider EM

Bally, 1976

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park

Data East, 1993

X-Men (LE)
X-Men (LE)

Stern, 2012


Bally, 1994