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5 days ago
A true classic, I feared that the game would be lacing because too easy, but the magic operates each times I push on the Start button. I recommend this pinball to all fans of Popadiuk and pinball machines from the 90's. It captures all the best of this era.

Fans of modern pinball machines with complex rules and increased difficulty should turn to recent Stern or JJP, but if nostalgia and the magic of the 90's speak to you, this pinball machine is, with the TOM, the embodiment of what is a fun pinball machine.
3 months ago
A good pinball for this period with an excellent theme. The maze is a pretty unique feature and ahead of its time. Music and sound effects are the most enjoyable aspects of this game. As soon as I hear these sounds, I cannot resist and smile like a child :-) Nostalgia and decent gameplay make this game an excellent pinball to have at home in a larger collection. As an unique pinball, lastability is the weak point.
4 years ago
Very fun game, it fits well to the theme, gameplay is quite simple but always rewarding and fun. Not a difficult pin. With the 20th anniversary rom, the gameplay (i.e. ramp) is more balanced and the Freeze (shootagain when the ball drains too quickly) eventually works fine. It would be perfect for me with real music from the movies, it's possible with the Pinsound card and I'll certainly give a try to this add some day, just for the pleasure to hear the original soundtrack when I'm playing. The only complain, it's quickly getting old if you're looking for a deep ruleset and challenge. If you just want to have fun and love the theme, this DE could be a keeper for you. May the Force be with you.
4 years ago
TFTC is an enormous fun to play !!! The shaker (first time I try) gives an extra sensation and euphoria when playing. The gameplay is enough deep to keep you playing without get bored but simple enough to permit playing without thinking (that's good after a working day). It's also the perfect pin to get back to childhood, especially if you're a nostalic of the TV show. If it had been a WMS/ Bally or even a new Stern, it would be acclaimed immediatly. Definitively a keeper !
6 years ago
Basic pin for his time but still enjoyable, addictive and fun gameplay.
7 years ago
Three things are great in this pinball: music, mini playfield and fast gameplay for the shooters. This is the kind of game that requires skill. It's difficult but when you play good, it is very rewarding and I can easily be hypnotised by the game. It's on my whishing list !
7 years ago
I've played these one a lot when a kid but I found it not so easy. You drain very often if you aren't a good player (what I was not when 10 years old). No multiball and not so much fun. But great nostalgia when I hear the sound it makes :-)
7 years ago
Very fun game. Games can be very long and multiball are very frequent. I would like to play Home Use Only one because the one (stand in a bowling) I've played wasn't in fine condition. Yet I had got a lot fun and pleasure with POTC. The ship is a very good toy and it motivates you to sink the ships again and again. Wish I could test it any further once. Edit : now at home since two years and I like a lot the gameplay with original trajectories, especially the skillshot is very tigh and the double skillshot almost impossible. The main downside is that the strategy to score is tortuga+multiball ad libitum. The lastability is good if you focus on missions and try to achieve the four winds multiball, but no so good if you play in a competitive way. The sound and music cry for a custom rom, what I’ve done, and with original movie soundtrack it becomes much more immersive and rewarding. I often play this pin only the hear music and sound I’ve integrated in my custom rom. Access to some music needs some work and hearing them is so satisfaying :-)
7 years ago
Well, the Fireball II is a great pinball. Simple rules, three flippers and a little fourth in the middle, multiball, old school but hypnotic sounds and voice and a very addictive gameplay make this pinball one of those a would like to keep in my collection.
7 years ago
Two years ago, the Lotr had arrived in my home, now that I know it a little bit better I can give my opinion. It is a beautiful pin, I'm a fan of the aesthetics of the flipper despite there is too "photoshop rendering" in the artworks. As a fan of the books and movies, I find that is a marvellous retranscription of the univers of The Lord of the Rings. The rules: not always clear ... and this is what adds to its lastability, we want to understand and so we replay a game. Difficult to be tired of it. After two year I continue to discover tricks in this machine ! Sound: The soundtrack is beautiful, transporting you into the world of Tolkien and in the heart of action and battle. The gameplay: fast, combative and full of flow like a fight on a battlefield ! You should know to aim or you are about to lose the ball very quickly. Challenging but rewarding when you playing it well, games can be very long in five balls as I've adjusted. Lotr worths the high price it costs. Only cons is that the sound is not so good at low volume (lack of low frequencies). Another small thing that bothers me: the Balrog is pretty fun, but it is not worth the trunk of TOM or CV Ringmaster or the Gumball of TZ. Stern, I guess, chose to build a simple and reliable machine, easy to maintain in operation, and it's a good thing finally, so you can play more and have more fun ;-) Best regards, Ludo !
7 years ago
This pinball is fascinating me for years. I like the magical ambiance and the sound is very mezmerising. It's a fast pinball and it has got very good flow. The only cons, it's an easy pinball, so a pinball wizard could find the lastability not enough challenging. But when I wanna just to relax, it's the ideal pinball.