Pinball 2000: My "owned one for a day" review...

By gunstarhero

October 18, 2008

This story got featured on October 29, 2008

15 years ago

So I just got a Pinball 2000, Star Wars Episode 1 to be exact, and have spent a couple hours getting to know the platform. While your mileage may vary on the actual SWE1 game, I want to lay out my observations on the Pin2K system itself.

For one, it's really not that different than what you might be used to on a WPC pin... the adjustment buttons are on the same spot on the coin door, it makes all the same sounds, and the basic menu operation, while more in depth, is the same. The driver boards are down in the bottom of the cab, covered by a cool "Pinball 2000" shield, and all the electronics are hidden up above the monitor. The fuses have little lights by them to tell you their status... too cool. Naturally, all the playfield stuff is what your used to, coils, drop targets, light bulbs, wires and all the other stuff hasn't changed too much before or since.

The menus and diagnostics are fantastic... It's really so much nicer than reading the menu on a DMD I don't know where to start. Playfield pulls WAY out of the cab and is really easy to work around. Great sound, as good or better than Stern's SAM system, and due to the backbox design, very good speaker placement.

The playfield can be tricky to get back into the cab straight, like a Stern or DE PF. The while machine is HEAVY (because of the monitor.) I don't have the "mirror" so working on the menus while I'm working on the PF means I need to have the glass in, which is a pain. When I get new glass, I'll have my old one cut to use for a service glass probably.

Some of the materials choices seem kind of odd... like the plastic apron. Looks great and doesn't take price cards, but mine is cracked at the screw mounts, so maybe not as tough as the old metal aprons. And I suppose that it saves on cost and heat and maintenance, but I miss backbox lighting that is more that just a florescent bulb.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to getting to know this new system, but I can't help thinking that it's a damn shame that it didn't get the chance to really have it's potential explored. The games that are on it are fun, easy to get into flip fests that really don't push the limits. But at the end of my first day as a Pin2K owner, at least I have been given a chance to spend some time with "The Future of Pinball" and think about where it might have taken us.

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15 years ago

Just a remark. The translite can be used the same way as the mirror while servicing

15 years ago

I love my RFM and SWE. It's a shame the platform didn't get a real chance. Just imagine how a P2k would look with Grand Theft Auto in it!!!

14 years ago

I have to agree with Dirk, it's a shame that only 2 games were released...

14 years ago

You don't need service glass. Just slide the backbox glass in the upper area under the monitor. It's a great fit and reflects well enough to do diag work.

14 years ago

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