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1 year ago
There are two very obvious reasons you should love the Artwork. Of course, I am talking about the Backglass and the Cabinet. The Playfield is a bit simple, but does the Theme no disservice.

If not the Best callouts of the era, certainly the most memorable. They just never get old and after 30 years I still laugh every single time I hit the lit BBQ Target and hear "BLAH!" or "Don't Touch Me There!".

Gameplay can be repetetive if you play solo all the time, but the ability to steal locks and letters makes playing with friends a lot more fun.
Scoring is pretty well balanced with multiple paths to big points sprinkled throughout the playfield. Deaadhead and Monster Slide Million Shots can be worked for and achieved by most all level of players.
The 3 Million Shot into the 3rd Lock for Multiball is sooo gratifying. Doubly so when you roll that into a Jackpot and alternating Ramps for 250k until you brick one and lose the Multiball.
If setup poorly, the kickout for the lock can be a brutal SDTM drainfest. This is why I think so many people end up having a bad impression of the game.
Overall one of my favorite System 11 Machines and my preferred Elvira table. Set it up Steep and on Hard Settings (Work for your locks!) and you will feel like a King if you crack 20 Mil.