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A step by step process for EM stencil paints cabinet restoration

By Guillaume_France

August 13, 2020

40 days ago

Here is a proposed process to apply stencil paint on a EM Gottlieb. That was the first time I did it.

The cabinet was painted with white glossy covering the original art.

I have looked many forum posts including on Pinside and created my own material list and process. It worked pretty well !!

Material used : 

  • Molotow Belton Premium Paint. Colors: 2 x 030 (orange), 2 x 005 (natural white),  1 x 000 Black
  • Professional paint acrylic primer (Seigneurie Gauthier Hydroprim Top)
  • Semi-mat varnish in can, Gerstacker
  • B stencil
  • Precision cissors and cutters, cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Tracing paper in width 0,66m
  • Stencil film ORCAL ORAMASK 810 in 60cm width.  2 x 5 meter. Killer product.
  • Paint masking tape
  • High precision paint masking tape Revell 
  • Orbital sander. 120, 300, 400, 600, 1000
  • Protection : P3 mask, protection glasses

Duration : 

20 hours (first time)


  1. Doors and legs removal. Match the original paint.
  2. Mark the screws to fit with original mounting 
  3. Sand the whole cabinet 120 then 320 with orbital . Retrieve original art.
  4. Drawings reproduced, use high resolution picture found on the net for missing parts. Reproduce drawings from tracing paper to ORAMASK stencil film.
    2 stencils : black and orange
  5. Filler,  sand 500 then 800, primer
  6. Bomb paint white
  7. Black splatter (!!! before stencils). Use protection glasses. Made some trials to found the right distance and angle, and introduced slight changes during the process. Used a brush found to clean juice extractor machine :-)
  8. Stencils : apply paint in light covers, the pigments will efficiently cover when drying. Do not overload. It is very important to mask all unpainted area : the spray would ruin the previous layers otherwise. Preparation is key.
  9. Varnish, light sanding between each layer.

Story photos

img_2018 (resized).jpg
img_2023 (resized).jpg
img_2024 (resized).jpg
img_2025 (resized).jpg
img_2026 (resized).jpg
img_2029 (resized).jpg
img_2030 (resized).jpg
img_2031 (resized).jpg
img_2032 (resized).jpg
img_2034 (resized).jpg
img_2015 (resized).jpg
img_2017 (resized).jpg
img_2019 (resized).jpg
picsar10 (resized).png


36 days ago

Nice looking work!

31 days ago

Your work has a great effect. Moj Bronco requires the same.

24 days ago

Nice Job !

15 days ago

Very nice. I especially like the clever use of the black legs and the red leg bolts. One-of-a-kind paint job.

10 days ago

Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing with us.

8 days ago

This is inspiring- thank you. Your materials list is a great resource. Please post more of your stenciling projects.

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