Formal dining room or game room?

Formal dining room or game room?

By Guido13

June 25, 2018

26 days ago

We purchased this house just over two years ago. It has a formal dining room and we didn’t have any furniture for it. After many months of being empty, we had this idea to convert it to a game room (because we aren’t that “formal”).  Soon we purchased a foosball table. Then I found an old jukebox that plays 45’s. Recently I built an arcade machine that has all the old classic games (centipede, asteroids, track and field, joust, dig dug, mortal combat....and many more!).  But the room is missing something....PINBALL!  I can easily fit two pinball machines in the “game room” (see game room pics below).  Now the search is on!  

Story photos

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1 day ago
I choose the game room and I agree, you need some pinball machines in there.

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