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5 days ago
I've owned Mando for a month and feel confident in leaving an accurate review.

The Good

I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan so the theme was an easy choice. The theme integration, art, callouts and overall immersion is some of the best in modern Pinball. On the few occasions I've made it to the mini wizard modes ( "I like those odds" , "Precious Cargo", "You have what I want") the feeling of suspense is REAL. The lighting changes and feel during those modes is intense. Stern did a really good job with the Art and Sound packages. Carl Weathers..enough said.

There's enough variety in gameplay strategy to keep me interested. The added feature of how to spend Beskar makes it fun to try different approaches to scoring and mode chasing. Throw in Co-op mode and challenge mode and there's PLENTY to do.

This could be good or bad depending on how you feel. This game is hard to master. I don't think I'll ever see the final wizard mode unless I alter some difficulty options. It's a trap up / patience pays off type of game. A lot of folks call this a wood chopper. I don't 100% agree with that. Once the game is dialed in and adjusted, the shots are 100% makeable. Backhands are key to success. If you're looking for a "flow master" this game probably isn't it. On the flip side of difficulty, the game is approachable for novices. My wife is 100% satisfied getting that first multiball and feels like she had a good game if she does.

The Bad

The Upper Playfield(premium) is a little cheesy and pretty difficult. I don't know what they could have done different here but it could be better.

The rollovers at the top are difficult to see and feel a little meaningless.

The topper is badass but locking content behind a $2000 paywall is not a trend I'm excited to see Pinball taking.
50 days ago
I feel like I've put enough time into Star Wars Pro at a few different locations to give it an honest opinion.
LOVE The theme. The character selection option with different perks is a fun option. I'm an average player at best and have managed to have a few decent games. I'd call it a difficult game, and will probably never see the wizard mode. The Uturn shot at the top is so quick and fun. The left outlane is pretty hungry in my experience. I like how a novice player can get tie fighter multiball easily and experience the thrill of a multiball. I really enjoy the multiplier mechanic and having to juggle the multiplier with the action button. I'm not very good at it but it's satisfying when I can pull it off. Going into the Hoth video mode with a 40x is one of the most satisfying moments in my recent pinball memory.

Overall, I love this game and will never hesitate to drop quarters in it. Great theme, great shots, plenty of modes, very difficult but approachable.
83 days ago
The best of all system 11 games. To me this is the perfect game. The upper flipper shot is so satisfying. The rules are straight forward and the flow is top notch.
83 days ago
Elwin did not disappoint. Love the flow. As a novice, I found the rules very approachable and the overall feel very flowy. The tower shot to the upper flipper is very satisfying. I like how they made starting a mode fairly easy. While the rules seem very straight forward I found finishing modes difficult. I do think players from most skill levels will enjoy this game. The easy to hit Thor multiball should be satisfying for beginners. Soul gem is maybe the hardest mode in all of pinball. All in all, a solid effort by stern and co. The art package is top 10. Some folks bang on the voice actors but I have no issues with them. I'd love to have this one in my collection.