Playing pinball for my first time.


February 27, 2017

5 years ago

I grew up in LA in the mid seventys and my first pinball encounter was at the local golfcourse where they had a brand new Bally Nip it. Only being thirteen and having no money to play, I had to get a creative idea to fund my pinball need. So I struck up a deal with the golf pro, I would rescue his driving range balls from the arroyo seco river bed for the huge sum of 20 balls for a dollar. I would cut afternoon classes and go round up some balls and play some pinball. This went really good for a few months, then summer came and I played pinball everyday. I quickly started running out of range balls by mid summer and my fun was comming to an end. In desperation I renegotiate a new deal where I would drive the ball picker on the driving range for a whoping 1.50 per hour. This continued until I went to high school and couldn't work there any more.  I didn't play pinball again until I joined the Marines and found a High Speed pin at the E Club in Millington TN, but that's another story.

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