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Pinsider gripwhip has rated 11 machines.

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Rating comments

gripwhip has written 10 rating comments:

4 years ago
The rule set on this game is pretty complex. You can play it differently every game. The light show is great, but sometimes even overwhelming. The code works well, but I wish there were more scenes and animation. Left orbit issue remains an issue but not needed for scoring.
4 years ago
I love the theme and the deep rule set. The layout bothers me some. It just does not flow well. Artwork on cabinet from my run has that faded look. A ColorDMD is a must mod. Seems odd there is not Marge or Lisa call outs. Love the doh frenzy.
4 years ago
Fun game and a good value. Excellent call outs by cast of the show. Final Frontier was always achievable. Many folks had issue with reliability, but mine worked well with no issues. Always thought the delta ramp was a bit steep, I like it better on the Stern ST.
4 years ago
Excellent game. Great call outs and theme integration. You really can get immersed in the game. It can be a bit long sometimes. Path of the dead could be better. One of my favorites pins.
4 years ago
Very fun and challenging game. Great music. Game times can be short, but you will want to push the start button again. Game has a sparse layout, but you never lose the bad.
4 years ago
I like this game and the ramp shots are great. The music is annoying and the shot selection could be better. It is a fun game, but I don't understand how the price shot up so much. Very approachable and easy for newbies. Ramps crack easily. It is also not fun to shop.
4 years ago
My first pinball machine. I kept it for a long time. Still miss it some days. Gameplay is a bit simple, but fun for the era. Great light show. Love the call outs.
4 years ago
Great theme integration. Ball seem to get lost coming out of the pops. Best video modes. Seemed a bit slow at times. Enjoyed it, but like others better.
4 years ago
Excellent game. Well integrated theme. Great mods available. Just a really fun game to play. It will be staying in my collection for a long time.
4 years ago
I like this game more than I thought I would. SDTM sometimes happens. Great animation. Ramps are a bit slow. Rule set is great and overall a fun package.