My Pinball story

My Pinball story

By greg60

March 23, 2018

10 months ago

I have had my Williams Pinbot since 2007.My wife and I bought it for the kids, who are now on their own.We live in Rhode Island (the smallest state in the union)

By the way , are there any other Pinbot owners/ enthusiasts in R.I.? When I bought the machine, I knew little of pinball machines.We didn't live near an arcade.So,I had a lot to learn about the game , making repairs be they mechanical, electronic, or aesthetic.I spent A LOT of time improving the machine and learning as I went.In 2010 all was working well and we had been ejoying the machine for some time, when it started to malfunction.For the life of me I couldn't figure out the problem ,so life got in the way and it sat dormant (with the batteries out) for seven years.I finally found a trusted ,recommended guy to help me fix it.He was great! not only did he fix the original issue and get it back to proper working order, while he was on site we swapped out the batteries for an Eprom so I'd never need to monitor the batteries , we repaired some of the visor targets and I showed him the work that I had done on the playfield and the electronic work i had done behind the translite: installed new bridge rectifier, replaced some of the white resistors, caught one battery leaking and replaced the battery holder.On the playfield,many bulbs replaced, all new rubber kit, flippers, new vortex with decals, and a couple of plastics (when you could get them ,Topper was in ok shape , but half the bulbs were burned out.Fixed that.I could go on, but you get the idea.With help, I recently took it apart to get it out of my basement to a better part of the house ,away from the sun , to a place wher we could enjoy it more.getting around now to reassembly and looking forward to "Pinbot Circuits Activated!

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9 months ago
I spent about 2 weeks straight debugging my PB MPU... built a powered work bench, and the minute I saw that diagnostic light flickering I plugged it into the headboard and then "whhhoooooooommmmppp, PinBot .. Circuits .. Activated". I nearly pissed my pants from excitement. Nothing better than fixing a machine :D
9 months ago
Thanks for the story. I live in Franklin,Ma just over the RI border and have a Pinbot. I currently have it stripped down as I am restoring the cabinet.

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