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Black Hole

Gottlieb, 1981
Purchased April 2021

Blue Chip

Williams, 1976

“Game light up, but would not start a new game, was stuck in "Game Over". Turned out to be the Ball Count Unit had grease that turned into sludge so the unit could not advance out of game over to Ball 1. Highest reel counter had an oxidized switch that caused the main reset relay to constantly keep firing. Cleaned up both of those issues and the game ran 100% fine. Also changed Target #2 light bulb because it was dead. Changed Target #1 bulb because although it lit, the glass was blackened over. Cleaned Playfield and replaced one of the coin door Quarters plate as it was cracked. Replaced game ball too.”

Purchased July 2020

Eight Ball

Bally, 1977

“Purchased as a booting game. Right flipper did not work. Pop bumpers were either jammed or gummed up along with melted caps, broken bodies and cracked skirts. Playfield in relatively good shape. Some ware around ball rack and down to the wood in front of both sling shots. all rubbers were shot or missing. One red post missing on right side along with its post stud, replaced with nail. Plastics have zero cracks, but some heat warping. Back glass really nice, some paint missing on right hand side blue jeans, but not bad at all. cabinet is super solid. No water damage. Back seems to be slightly chipped from many years of moving, but very very solid. Side art is great on left side. One scratch down left side. Ming a few screws here and there but will replace those shortly. Picked in Deer Park NY. Transported to Deep 6 in New Haven, CT for restoration. This will be a really fast rocking game when it's restoration is completed.”

Purchased July 2022


Williams, 1979

“No Boot condition. Suspected Power Supply issue, notes said "blowing high voltage fuse" Playfield had been cleaned with milwax & triple waxed before being put into storage by the previous owner. Playfield condition is 8/9 out of ten. The inserts are cupped a little. MPU lower connectors were repined by previous owner. Some of the left hand side pins were redone as well. after market battery box was installed and jumped from the original. Original battery box was not corroded, just oxidized. Would be an easy clean if desired. Questionable originality of one lane guid plastic. Color looks off. NEW PARTS: High Voltage Board MPUE Resister Rebuild Coil Sleeve rebuild kit Sound board Cap Kit Main big cap in back box”

Purchased September 2022

Flash Gordon

Bally, 1981

“Purchased from Rock Fantasy in Middletown New York. It has stickers on it as previously owned by Arcade Amusements & Kiddie Rides LTD. Toronto (416) 757-2760. Back glass is signed by: -Game artist Kevin O'Connor -Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon) -Dale Arden (Melody Anderson) Game has some light sockets that need attention. Missing Light socket under right lower playfield pop bumper. Numerous LED had been installed. Playfield is a 6 out of 10. Going to have it professionally restored. Plastic is 9 out of 10 All switches and buttons work as expected. Manufacturers Certificate #5108 Rottendog board installed recently by previous owner. New Alltek MPU board installed recently by previous owner. Does not have a physical battery any longer (Not needed)”

Purchased September 2020


Bally, 1979
Purchased December 2022

Shadow, The

Bally, 1994

“Almost perfect condition. Very low plays. Playfield is perfect. All original except power supply DMD board. Which was swapped out for a new one. Original board totally repairable. Just in my board back stock.”

Tri Zone

Williams, 1979
Purchased June 2023


Gottlieb, 1981

“Playfield is great. Both back glass pieces were toast, pealing like crazy from bottom right out. Seller said it light up & displays work, would not start a game. Upon opening the back box, 75% of the edge connectors were not hooked up. *Yet to test machine | Had playfield protector installed at early age it would seem. A3 Drive board has typical burn, mosfets test open which it good & Typical burned board under the 8026 transistor & replaced with Mexican part. All drop targets look great. Plastic has slight cracking. Two lower pop bumpers have paint wear around them but playfield protectors under all pops. Shooter lane motor has disconnected hanging wire. Cabinet paint looks very nice. Black part of back box might get a touchup. Batteries exploded but luckily in an aftermarket off the board holder, will replace with NVRAM. Back of head has a Kentucky revenue machine sticker.”

Purchased August 2021

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